Florida Man Beats Wife to Death with Pipe Wrench in Front of 4 Kids After She Tells Him She’s Having Another Man’s Baby

Marie Carmel Joseph Claude Sejour

Florida man beats wife to death with pipe wrench in front of four kids after she tells him she’s having another man’s baby

HOLLYWOOD, Florida — Police say a 48-year-old man used a pipe wrench to beat his pregnant wife to death in front of four of their children after the woman revealed she was carrying another man’s baby.

Claude Sejour  appears to have simply snapped.

After he killed his wife, Sejour told his 17-year-old daughter, “I just finished with your mom. I finished her, ” before walking outside to call the police.

A neighbor had heard the wife screaming and went to the Sejour home.

Sejour waved to Alvaro Garcia, according to the Sun Sentinel, and told him what he did to his wife.

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