Florida Father Is on The Run After child tells mother “Her Father Hurt Her”


West Palm Beach, Florida – A father who goes by the name “TJ” is wanted by local police for questioning of child abuse that he himself may have caused to his own 2-year-old daughter.

The mother of his child said that she had fell asleep at her home to awake to her daughter, Honesti, missing. After calling around she reports that her brother, the girls uncle had dropped her daughter off to her dad’s house. She claims that she was furious that he did so, because she was already having issues with her daughter going over to the father’s home due to a prior suspicious incident that happened. Which caused the child to cry and act out whenever she had to go with her father.

After getting the info that her daughter was taken over to the father’s house, the mother said she called the father to tell him she was headed over to pick up her child. He didn’t answer the phone,  but instead sent a text to her saying that ” He had fucked up and was sorry”.

After arriving to his home that he shared with his current girlfriend. She said that she was greeted by her daughter you appeared with fresh bruises to her face. She questioned the girlfriend who was home at the time about what had happened. And was told by the girlfriend she was unsure what had happened and that the lil girl was in the room playing with her kids and that was all that she knew.

The mother also claims that she had reached down to pick up her daughter but upon her grabbing her daughter she seemed to be stiff and in a lot of pain. She immediately rushed her daughter to the hospital who told her while on the way there for her to call the police because her father had hurt her. The child was later found to have multiple bruises on her entire body and was suffering from a injured liver.

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She was placed in ICU where she started to experience kidney failure. In which she had to be rushed in for emergency surgery. The latest condition of little Honesti was that she was awake and asking for “Chicken  Nuggets and Fries”

Since Honesti has been in the hospital. Her mother’s relatives, have confronted the fathers girlfriend. About her knowledge and involvement in the abuse. Which she has denied.

Honesti's aunt took her frustration to Facebook.

Honesti’s aunt took her frustration to Facebook.


A few of Honesti's relatives also took to Facebook.

A few of Honesti’s relatives also took to Facebook.


The father, T.J.  has not only gone on the run but has also deleted his social media accounts and refuses to respond to any calls or texts made by the mother or the local police.

This is TJ

This is TJ


Sad story. Prayers that the baby fully recovers.