Lawsuit Slams BET, Charging the Network with ’Reckless and Inhumane’ Treatment of Former Exec… Lawsuit Also Targets Stephen Hill

stephen-hill-zola-masharikiZola Mashariki, former VP and head of original programming, has slammed BET with a lawsuit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles late Wednesday.

The former high-powered exec, who spent 15 tears at Fox Searchlight before joining BET in May 2015, claims in the filing that the network fostered an environment that included retaliation when she complained to human resources about the way she was being treated, reports Variety. She was let go while on medical leave while dealing with breast cancer.

Mashariki was let go at the same time BET let go 17-year programming veteran Stephen Hill on March 29 of this year.

The lawsuit is not only damning of BET but also, ironically, Hill, who Masharika said Hill made her work life a living hell, and that he took credit for her work, among other charges.

Mashariki also claims that women at BET are “systematically discriminated against, harassed intimidated, attacked and exploited.”


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