Videos shows bullies at school beating unconscious 8-year-old boy, he killed himself 2 days later

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His mother later took Gabe to the hospital after he vomited twice, according to the Enquirer. Gabe told his mother his stomach hurt, and Branch told the paper that Reynolds believes her son did not know what had taken place at the school.

“If the school had told her what had happened to him in the bathroom, that he was unconscious for such a long period of time, she would have taken him to the hospital immediately, reported that to the medical professionals, and she would have called police,” Branch told the Enquirer.

“That’s why this is so frustrating for her, not knowing what really happened in that school.”

Both the Enquirer and WLWT have asked for a copy of the surveillance video. The Enquirer’s request was denied by the school system, but the newspaper is appealing.

So sad. It’s like you’re better off going to up to the school and catching jail time for beating up bullies who mess with your child. It’s either that or watch your child sink into a deep depression and kill themselves.