Kendrick Johnson: Parents of teen found dead in gym mat forced to pay $300K


Say it ain’t so!

The parents of Kendrick Johnson have been ordered to pay $300,000 in legal fees for the people they accused of killing their son and covering up his death.

Johnson was found dead rolled up in a gym mat in January of 2013, and while investigators concluded that he had died from asphyxiation while reaching for a pair of sneakers, Kenneth and Jackie Johnson insisted that it was no accident.


His parents, Kenneth and Jackie Johnson, were not satisfied with the answers they were receiving and pressed hard for justice. They had his body exhumed and examined by a hired forensic examiner and the discoveries were shocking, It was found that Kendrick Johnson suffered blunt force trauma to his body.

According to statements issued by the family, evidence was found of blunt force trauma to the right side of Kendrick’s neck, near the jaw, and the manner of death was not an accident. Also hemorrhages were found to the jaw line area not detected during the GBI autopsy. Johnson’s internal organs were also missing and his body was stuffed with old newspapers.

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