Teacher Moved Her 8th Grade Student In Her Home & Got Pregnant By Him


Teacher convinced the mother of her 8th grade student to let him move in with her. They now have a 2-year-old child together.


AKRON, OHIO – According to published reports,  36-year old Laura Lynn Cross, a former 8th grade English teacher at John Buchtel High School, started grooming her 14-year-old student to be her baby daddy in August of 2013.

A year before the affair got started, the teen boy’s father approached authorities with concern over how close his son had grown to his teacher. But no charges were filed.

“She had a hold on my son and [the police] told me he’s not co-operating with us so we no can do nothing with it…,” the teen’s father said.

When he was in the 8th grade, Cross invited him to go swimming in her pool before he later starting staying the night in her home.

laura lynn cross

The two would carry on a three-year sexual relationship until word got around that a baby was involved.

The disturbing relationship between Cross and the teenage boy is said to have taken place between August 1, 2013 through September 6, 2016.

“First of all, she’s a schoolteacher,” said the teen’s father. “To get aroused by a child basically you have to be a sick individual.”


Even more disturbing, Cross convinced the teen’s mother–who had custody–to allow the teen to move in with her in her home through a court approved “partial parental custody” arrangement.

Cross convinced the teen’s mother that she could continue to “mentor” him.

The teen’s mother also notified police that she suspected a relationship was going on. But said she didn’t remove her child from the home because, ” she didn’t want him [her son] to hate her.”

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