A man Proudly did a LIVE Maternity Photo Shoot With BOTH of His PREGNANT Baby Mamas [video]

black woman maternity photo shoot

A man did a LIVE photoshoot on Facebook with two women at the same time.

The two women are both currently pregnant by him.

To make it so bad, he said he wanted the video to go viral.


Dear Black People: It’s okay to want more out of life, and to stop embarrassing the rest of us.

It’s crazy watching the behavior of some women. We all do stupid and embarrassing stuff, but at least those of us with some sense, have enough sense to try to hide it. Not put it out in the public so we can get called stupid, ghetto, ratchet and every other condescending word in the dictionary.

Of course the man thinks this is a good look for him, and it totally is… if you live in the hood and plan on living there the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to read the positive comments and excuses that people will come up with in defense of this calamity.