Mom Crushed In Hospital Elevator Moments After Giving Birth To Her Daughter



According to The Telegraph, Nunez who lived in Spain, was being wheeled out of an elevator when it started to go up, trapping the mom of three against the ceiling.

The outlet reports that the elevator Nunez was in wasn’t working properly, so hospital personnel were attempting to move her to another elevator.

It’s believed that before the worker could get the stretcher completely out of the elevator, it started to rise with the doors still open.

Nunez’s exact injuries have not been revealed, but local outlets reported that she was crushed to death. BBC reported that Nunez’s newborn daughter was with her at the time of the accident, but was not hurt.

Firefighters were called to the hospital to try and free Nunez. It reportedly took two hours before her body could be removed.

“This can’t be so,” her husband, Jose Gaspar, told ABC Sevilla. “Today it was Rocio but tomorrow it could be someone else.”

Regional Health Minister Marina Alvarez called the accident “unusual and tragic” and said an investigation has been opened, BBC reports. Alvarez also said the elevator had passed a safety test earlier this month.