Mother walks in and demands that her son stop raping ex-girlfriend “I did not raise you like that.”


The victim was able to contact Halstead’s mother.

The report says the mother showed up while the rape was happening. She told him to get off of her and that she did not raise him like that, the report says.

The report says Halstead took the victim’s cell phone and ran away. Officers arrested him Tuesday night after a brief chase.

Halstead is charged with sexual assault, burglary with assault, resisting arrest and petty theft.

Officers had been looking for Halstead since July 30th, when they say he broke into the victim’s apartment.

Police say Halstead and the victim dated for about a year but broke up about two months ago. The report says Halstead was arrested in February for domestic simple battery and again in June for robbery by sudden snatching.

The victim was the same in all three cases – his ex-girlfriend.

Halstead is being held on $510,000 bond at the Alachua County Jail.