Tommy Sotomayor Got Punched In The Face For Disrespecting Black Women [video]

tommy sotomayor

Harlem, New York – Tommy Sotomayor attended a black conscious event and it didn’t go too well.

Apparently, Sotomayor who is known for making Youtube videos of himself where he discusses detrimental behavior in the black community and rips black women to shreds while doing so, was punched in the face at the event.

It all started when a gentleman walked up to Tommy to discuss his dislike of Sotomayer’s savage videos.

Tommy, who walks around with no security,  politely let the man state his case, then decided to walk off. This is when the man apparently sucker punched him.

According to event attendees, this was the first violent act after many years of the event.

Tariq Nasheed had a good laugh and called Tommy “Krispy” afterwards.

Apparently Tommy tried to get on the Breakfast Club and actually showed up to the building, but Charlamagne turned him down.

Many don’t like Tommy’s presentation, but admit that many of the things he says about black women are true. Therefore they feel like hitting him over his opinion was unnecessary.

One guy even said that Tommy’s point was proven because the man who hit him was brought up in a household with a single mother… A youtuber said the sucker puncher was weak and too emotional.

So basically another black man said a black woman can’t do anything right.