This viral photo of a father taking his son to his first day of kindergarten and college will melt your heart

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Sometimes the internet is a place full of roasts and laughs, and other times it’s a magical, nostalgic place full of beautiful memories.

Charles Brockman III warmed the Twitterverse’s heart when he tweeted out a photo thanking his dad for always being present in his life.

Charles’ tweet quickly went viral, gathering over 261,000 Likes.

After his tweet went viral, Brockman spoke about his relationship with his father and mother, featured in an earlier equally heartwarming tweet. He told the Dallas Morning News he feels “blessed” to have his parents support.

“I’m blessed to have two parents that are still in my life that support me through everything I do when other people, sadly, can’t say the same thing,” he said.

Brockman said at the time that it hadn’t fully hit him that he was leaving parents Charles Jr. and Sherry. He added, however, that he was ready for the journey ahead thanks to their guidance.

“I’m happy they raised me to be who I am. But I know I got growing up to do,” he told the Dallas Morning News.

Brockman is now a freshman at Mississippi State, where he’s running track and studying broadcast journalism and communications.