Enraged man snatched out the mother of his child eyes, and laid them on the sidewalk next to her 💔

michael-roberson-arrest eyes out

According to the arrest affidavit, her boyfriend,  Michael Roberson, is accused of savagely ripping out the woman’s eyeballs.  Roberson told police the fight started over a son the couple shares together.

The report states that Roberson also stabbed the victim in the stomach. (She has to be in so much pain. 😭)

During his interview at the police station, Roberson told officers he “blacked out and did not remember what he did.” He also told officers that he is “at a low point in his life,” according to the affidavit.

The woman probably will never see again in this lifetime. Not to mention, she will never be able to look into her child’s eyes again,  or watch him grow up.

Witnesses say not only did the couple’s son witnessed the devastating assault, but a 16-year-old neighborhood teenager also witnessed it.

That teen, Juan Medina tried to intervene, and told a local reporter what he saw.

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