Texas mom charged in death of 4-year-old daughter didn’t call 911 because she was low on minutes

Jessica Briones

When you have to choose between saving your child’s life or saving the last few minutes on your Obama phone… Somehow the choice wasn’t an obvious one for the mother in this story.

San Antonio, Texas – A mother who is charged in her daughter’s death reportedly told police she didn’t call 911 when her daughter was injured, because her phone was low on minutes.

To make matters worse, instead of rushing her daughter to the hospital, she took the 4-year-old girl to a local police substation  with severe head trauma. Briones later admitted she didn’t call 911 because she couldn’t find her phone and she was allegedly “low on minutes,” according to the paper.

The girl died a day later in the hospital.

On September 5, Jessica Briones, 34, was arrested on suspicion of causing injuries to a child.

Briones told police her daughter began vomiting the morning before she was brought to the substation. At first glance the girl appeared to be suffering from arm, face and head injuries, but doctors discovered there were much more damage done to her.

Doctors revealed the girl also had a swollen nose, eight scars on the back of her head, a black eye, deflated left lung, a fractured vertebrae, a swollen wrist and two swollen arms, a bruised ankle and detached tissue in her upper lip from her gums, the paper said.

Briones allegedly said she accidentally slammed the girl’s arm into the door. She couldn’t explain why her daughter had a severe head injury, but said her head hit the floor about four days before she died.

Doctors also said the girl had multiple brain bleeds and severe brain swelling that showed she was possibly struck on the head, according to an affidavit.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the girl’s cause of death.

OMGosh, What a terrible mother. Poor little baby. In this case, even a foster home would have been better.

Briones faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted, though charges could and should be upgraded, pending autopsy results.

Sad that she thought the last few minutes on her Obama phone were more important than the life or her child.