The woman who cried cause black men in Vegas wouldn’t dance with her at Drai’s nightclub posted another DISTURBING video

a plus

A few months ago, I ran across a video of a black woman in tears crying cause black men at Drai’s nightclub didn’t want to dance with her.


This happened back in July, on the night of a Chris Brown’s residency concert. I saw the video, posted it, and even offered to help the woman get her look together, so she can attract the men she desires.

Not only did I reach out to her, but many other people reached out with empathy and words of kindness.

diss copy

Now that same woman posted another disturbing video.

A Plus Queen recently posted a video of her young son talking about masturbating.

She captured the video:

“A CONVERSATION WITH MY SON: SEX –Ā YMK talks about how he would romance a woman and his first time masterbating! lolĀ #aplusisamustĀ #ymkĀ #thequeenaplusĀ #singlemother#sextalkĀ #lol


Sooo. We now have notification that this woman is either crazy or looking for attention. Ā Also anyone with a brain will take note of the fact that the child is obviously mixed race, which leads anyone with common sense to assume the baby is more than likely by a white male.

A Plus is crying about black men not wanting her, after making a child with a non-black man.

Something is obviously not right with this woman….

This morning, I just so happened to make a post about black women and black men.

In the comments of that post another dark skin black woman stated that black men weren’t into her so she often mentions the fact that white men do like her.

Now we can start to see the underlying problem of some black men, Ā not wanting black women andĀ some black men not feeling wanted by women. Ā Those affected sometimes tend to not want kids who look like them, so theĀ kidsĀ don’t have to experience the same issues. Therefore they make babies with other races.

However in A Plus’ case, it’s obvious she still desires the love and acceptance of a black man. Ā Because she can’t get that love, it appears that she has turned her son into her boyfriend. In one video, she can be heard telling her son that what makes him beautiful is that he is loyal to her and tries really hard to make her happy.

She talks to her son, the way a woman would talk to aĀ mate.

One black man called A Plus out on her mentality…


An argument ensued.


She blocked him.


After all that, her page has only garnered a little over 3,000 LIKES…

In my opinion she’s a very confused woman. Ā She wants to wear natural hair, but dresses like Amber RoseĀ without the AmberĀ body. Clearly this woman should be going for an afrocentric or African Queen look.



Those type of women dress very classy and are usually respected and admired for their alluring Goddess essence. That’s what’s so sexy about them. But A Plus wants to sexualize herself with outfits that don’t fit her body type. Ā She wants to be a badd bish in the eyes of black men. Badd bishes tend to know what outfits and lipstick colors suit them best… A Plus doesn’t. Therefore she’s unable to attract black males…

So, her son is her man right now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 4.44.10 PM


My son looks just like her son, has the same hair, and I cut his hair at 2-years-old so people could stop telling me my daughter was pretty. But A Plus honestly seems to have some type of fetishism with her son.

The majority of mother’s love to show off their kids. But in A Plus’ case, we must wonder if she’s showing off her kid because she’s proud of him, or because she wants to push her mixed child in the faces of black men and say ‘Ha, Ha! Look what I did without you!’

Either way her antics aren’t even worth it. I hope she someday find out who she is.Ā