Wood Harris Allegedly Got His Side Chick Pregnant! She Blasted Him on Twitter after Telling His WIFE

My favorite “B” movie actor is out here tripping.  Avon Barksdale from the WIRE is acting a fool in real life.

Avon Barksdale - The Wire

Wood Harris‘ supposed side chick put him on full blast with his wife, and claimed she didn’t know that he’s been married for 12 years. She claims to not know he had a wife at all.

But somehow she was able to find the wife on Facebook, message her, and tell the wife that she’s 7 months pregnant… However that didn’t go as planned because the wife, basically told her that she wasn’t special….

Apparently Wood has been creeping and dipping with more than a few women this month. 🍵

Wood & Wife

The woman claiming to be Wood’s side chick took to Twitter yesterday with screenshots of everything!

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