Wood Harris Allegedly Got His Side Chick Pregnant! She Blasted Him on Twitter after Telling His WIFE


Here are the messages she sent to Woods’ wife, Mrs. Rebekah Harris:

WOW! 3 pregnant chicks or just 3 chicks he’s cheating with, plus a wife at home??? 

Wood, 47, is out here living his best life. How devastating this must feel to the woman he married, let alone the side chicks who probably thought they had a come-up. After all Harris is a very popular actor with a $2 Million net worth. And for a chick who doesn’t plan on getting her own money, that’s a lot!

The  Angry Tweets:



The subliminal Facebook posts.

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According to her Facebook profile, Stoney Alexander is a dance teacher/choreographer at Claremont High School. She claims to have dated Harris for 7 months, resulting in a pregnancy….

wood harris side chick

She of course has no photos with Wood as evidence or proof, as he probably told her to keep the relationship on the low 😂 (if her story is true.) But how you let someone get you pregnant and you can’t even post pics with them?  These women are not too bright…

Stoney also posted screenshots of the text messages she and Wood allegedly exchanged.




stoney alexander

I find it extremely difficult to believe that she didn’t know he was married. It’s too easy to access that information through a simple google search.  Plus their relationship was very distant. You can tell by the text messages.

Wood was just over it, once she got pregnant… Weirdly enough, a man having unprotected sex with a woman doesn’t necessarily mean he wants a baby by her. Yet a man will still pop one off in her, anyway…

Anyway….  Did you know…

Wood Harris and Steve Harris are brothers?

Yes, Steve is Wood’s older brother, who you may recognize from “The Practice” and many other popular tv shows.
  wood Harris steve harrisjpg

Unrelated Bonus: Did you know that R&B stars, Fantasia Barrino and KC & JoJo are cousins?