Fans Calling For Hazel E. To Be Fired, She Called Black Women Jealous “Monkeys” in beef with Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious Hazel E.

Reality Starlet Hazel E. Just Jumped Off A Cliff

And we’re not talking a small cliff that you can recover from. I’m talking about one that deems you dead on arrival of hitting the ground. It’s over for Hazel right now.

Love & Hip Hop – Hollywood star Hazel E, must have thought she was Stacey Dash about to be picked up and dropped by FOX, in her battle with comedian Jess Hilarious.

During her social media battle Hazel started bashing black women, saying they’re jealous of her and all the normal stuff. But then she literally called black women monkeys in an instagram post.

Immediately her box of Lucky Charms dried up.

What made Hazel Go This far?

Well the beef started when Jess clowned the title of Hazel’s book,Girl Code: Ethics As A Lifestyle.” Jess also called Hazel’s boyfriend, Rose Burgundy, gay. Jess claimed Burgundy cheated on Hazel with a man.


Instead of laughing at the savage comedian with over 2 million instgram followers, and keeping it moving, Hazel reacted to the bait, like a puppet responding to it’s master.

Hazel got angry and danced.

But her boyfriend wanted to take up for his woman, and danced first.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.07.13 PM

They also posted old half naked pictures of Jess and called her son gay. (the photos aren’t even worth posting. No big deal. So here is the small screenshot.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.23.03 PM

#JessHilarious vs #HazelE

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To back her claims about Burgandy’s sexuality, Jess also posted a screenshot of an alleged conversation between Burgandy and a man who goes by the name @TheRealCamYonce. Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.40.32 PM

Let’s be real @hazelebaby you keep running from the truth but stink I’m tell it so deny all you want

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Which then caused Hazel E. to go off the deep end.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.40.00 PM

hazel E.

Hazel really called black women monkeys and told them to stop bleaching their skin, when she bleaches hers too….

“@hazelebaby says she’s being hated on by dark skin women because she’s light 😐 after her #LoveandHiphop partner @roseburgandy was outed as downlow man. @jesshilarious_official gone flame someone else what burgundy already flaming… ✅ ( follow @Tymillz21 ) ➡️ ⬇️⬇️ TAG A FRIEND 👈💯.😮😳👀 ✅ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @2k17.texasking @vladtv @cthagod  @durttyboyz @v103atl @streetz945atl @thebeatatl @theshaderoom @balleralert  @50cent ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ ——————————————- #Theshaderoom #lhhhollywood #masikakalysha #lgbtposts #ATLamsterdam #roseburgundy #ArtisticBrainDamageEnt #AintShitNess #wshh #jesshilarious_official #hazele #worldstar #jesshilarious #loveandhiphop

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Now everyone is calling for Mona Scott to fire Hazel

Now people are calling for Hazel to be fired. IMG_4321.PNG.png WOW! I’d never thought I would say this about any reality star or anyone going off on their haters.. But Hazel went WAY too far, with the monkey stuff. I completely understand that they ae instructed to keep up drama on social media in order to promote the show. But Hazel E. let her mouth overload her ass. Even if you called one black person a monkey, that might not be so bad, but to call black women in general monkeys. Well it’s time for Hazel to be banished into oblivion, cause all that botched plastic surgery to her face, apparently made her forget she’s still black. Chile…..