Kimbella Calls Yandy “F—d Up” For Sending a Happy Birthday Wish Publicly on Instagram And Not Calling Her

Just because you post someone on social media doesn’t make it all good and Kimbella made it extremely clear that she is not with the fake and phony.


Over the weekend, Kimbella celebrated another birthday. Many took to Instagram to wish her a very special day including her bae, Juelz Santana.

Her bestie Yandy, also wished her a Happy Birthday, but that went sour. As Kimbella told Yandy that she was being fake.

The Love & Hip Hop star showed all of Instagram the love she has for her pud, a love that was quickly shut down. Yandy shared a picture with Kimbella cheesing from ear-to-ear along with a message expressing how much Kim’s friendship means.

In fact, she believes Yandy used this opportunity to make herself look like a better person because according to Kim, these two women have not spoken in quite a while. In this screen grab captured by the The Shade Room, Kimbella calls Yandy out and lets fans know how their relationship really is.


#ClapBackSeason: #Kimbella VS. #Yandy VS. Fan 😩🍿[SWIPE]


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Of course, Kimbella is tripping, cause love is love. It doesn’t have to be a phone call. Cause we all know she probably logged into instagram on her phone and saw Yandy’s post.

Plus, sometimes friends won’t call or text, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Adults get busy, but when they see you out and about, it’s still nothing but love.