Migos Rappers Quavo & Offset Tried To Jump a Guy Twice Their Size & Failed Miserably [video]


The Migos tried to jump a man, after their Power 105.1 Powerhouse show.

Forget “Bad and Boujee” – this fight attempt from Migos rappers Quavo and Offset was pretty much just bad.

According to TMZ, both men unsucessfully tried taking a few swings at a guy who is seen on the video below, towering many feet over the tops of their heads.

The man was so big, that the two average sized rappers were unable to successfully jump the unsuspecting man and were thus relegated to arms that weren’t making a connection with anything besides the cool night’s air.

The incident occurred last week outside of the W Hotel in New York.  That also happened to be the same night Offset proposed to Cardi B.

Looking at the video clip it appears that the two rappers did not know the man.  It appears that the big guy was in an altercation with unrelated individuals before Migos randomly just in to insert some street justice.


No one was arrested.

Ever since the fight, Offset has been in the house with Cardi, trying to get pregnant.

Poor Takeoff was left out of the fight.