Pay Me My Money! Woman files child support against Lil Wayne claiming they have a 15-year-old son together


Lil Wayne has a 15-year-old son, that the public isn’t aware of, according to a woman who has filed child support against the Louisiana bred rapper.

In legal documents, Keiotia Watson claims she had a sexual relationship with Wayne back in June 2001 and he got her pregnant. She says their son — named Dwayne, Weezy’s government name — was born in February 2002.

Watson went to court in 2015,  to establish paternity and get child support.

She won

lil wayne baby mama son

A Louisiana judge ruled in her favor and ordered Wayne to pay $5,000 a month, but Weezy hasn’t paid anything to date.

Sources tell TMZ,  Wayne hasn’t paid, because he was never served with legal papers or notified he’s legally the father.

lil wayne secret 15-year-old son

Now that Weezy is aware of a possible child, he’s never met, the rap star plans to take a paternity test and if he’s the father he’ll take full responsibility.

Watson would be Wayne’s 5th baby mama. He has 4 other children (3 sons and a daughter) with 4 different baby mamas …