Rapper Khia Claims Keyshia Kaoir Abandoned Her 3 Children In Jamaica To Marry Gucci Mane! [video]

Khia Keyshia Kaior

Ever since Keyshia Kaior was proposed to by her now husband, Gucci Mane, the hate went to a whole new level.

People starting searching for any reason to tear Keyshia down. The rumor that she abandoned her 3 kids in Jamaica was a persistent rumor that would not go away.

Keyshia responded saying the rumor wasn’t true. However, rumor still persists that she does have 3 kids, here in America. Rumor also has it that 2 kids were involved in the wedding, and maybe one of the kids is in Jamaica… You get the point, the rumors are still swirling.

Even raptress Khia chimed in on the rumor.

I really like Khia, cause she’s personable. But in all honestly she’s always hating on someone, just to remain relevant.

It’s amazing how when someone says they are happy, everyone runs to tear them down. As humans we must stop doing this to one another.

Speaking of hating. the girl in green in Khia’s video is the dopest transsexual I’ve ever seen, or at least one of the most popular. See that was love, not hate…