A mother sent her baby to Hawaii to spend time with the father, her skin fell off & the baby died

baby ocean deathThe story of Baby Ocean is a story that more than ten of my followers asked me to investigate. Ocean was only 2 years old, when she died in her father’s home.ย ย Jealousy allegedly played a part in the young child’s untimely death.

Miracle Watson logged onto Facebook with a post detailing how her little cousin died. The details are sure to break your heart.

Miracle wrote:

“UPDATE: a few weeks ago a Number of my family members and myself posted a Link To a Go Fund Me account for My 2 year old baby cousin .

“Ocean Blue To’Cute Wright” aka “bow bow” yes that’s her name and she is every bit of that ๐Ÿ’• on June 15th 2017 due to a court order Ocean was sent out to Hawaii ๐ŸŒธ to get to know her biological father , his name is Chris whiting . She originally resided in Las Vegas Nv with her Mother (sassidy curry) her step father (Marcus wright ) ***Hint the last name*** he has been there since day one . And her 2 older siblings.

Due to the nature that Ocean had a different father who loved her and wanted to be in his child’s life. My cousin thought it was only right to let her go alone to spend time with him. My cousin had went once before with her for a few days and everything was cool ! He seemed to be a cool guy . He was loving in our eyes when he was around ocean .. He is in the army . And seemed to have his life together … it wasn’t untill a few weeks after ocean being in Hawaii my cousin found out he was married and had just had a new born baby by a 21 year old girl who already had a 4 year old .

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