This woman said she’s Tyrese’s side chick, and no one went off on her 👀

Terese wife Samantha Lee Gibson

One person decided to go off on Samantha for quoting a verse in the bible, while violating another one.

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That’s quite pointless because all Christians quote bible verses while violating another. It’s in our nature to sin… We can’t help but to sin; which is why no human being will ever be perfect.

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But that’s not even the major part of the comments.

The possible tea actually came from a middle-aged woman who claims she’s Tyrese’s side chick.

But first, a man named Jwayne_Keyboardist became King of the irate in the comments.

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One person noticed the amount of anger being displayed.


But even stranger was a woman’s reply to Jwayne…. The woman said she’s Tyrese’s side chick, and that Tyrese won’t leave her alone.

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Teresa Ford (tford58) replied to Jwayne, saying that Tyrese didn’t love his wife an claimed his wife didn’t like his daughter.

tyrese side chick instagram

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Surprisingly, No one seemed to go off on the woman, they way we went off on Quantasia and laughed her out of her 15 minutes of fame… We stopped Qcakes at 3 minutes…

I’m left wondering why no one went off on Teresa…

Even further why are two middle aged people Tywayne and Teresa collaborating in the comments against Tyrese??? Something is definitely up… Something like delusions.

Do you believe he dated this woman, at all???