Wendy Williams Reportedly Went Ballistic After Learning Angie Martinez Landed A Talk Show

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A source added that the ruckus could be heard all the way in the back of the restaurant and though the execs repeatedly explained that there was not a conflict of interest, the two weren’t trying to hear it. Williams reportedly kept telling her team, “”I can’t believe that b***h is getting a show with them. This is such a betrayal.”

Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez’s beef reportedly dates back to the early 1990s when they both were the top radio hosts on New York’s popular station Hot 97 FM. Martinez highlighted a bit of the tension in her autobiography, My Voice: A Memoir, recalling a moment when Williams posted a blind item to her website about Martinez’s relationship with rapper Q-Tip.

“One of my co-workers is dating Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Oh well. I guess some women like men who like men,” she mentioned in the book of what Williams wrote on her site.

“Everybody was gay to Wendy,” she continued. “Every rapper you could think of in that era, I had heard Wendy Williams call them gay. Not one or two. Like, every one of them.”

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She even went on to add that she managed to confront her then-coworker about the matter and things didn’t end well.

“I lost my f*****g mind,” she recalled. “Before I knew it, I was swinging at her. It was a quick scuffle. It took only a few seconds for me to realize that she wasn’t really hitting me back — she was just trying to get me off of her.”

In terms of the chatter about Martinez’s alleged pilot, it should be noted that while these are often filmed, only a select few make it to the air. Williams is currently in the ninth season of her morning talk show and has been optioned for three more seasons through July 2020.

Angie is cool, but I personally don’t think she can outdo Wendy. However you never know…

However I don’t know why I’m surprised that BET decided to report on this story. Seems like something they would stay out of, considering Wendy is a black woman… I mean the ‘B’ in BET does stand for black.