Case Closed: Tyrese Cleared Of Child Abuse Charges


Today is a new day for  Tyrese Gibson. The actor is now is free to be his happy, sh*t talking self again.

Gibson is no longer being investigated for child abuse.

A source close to the Fast & Furious star tells ET that the Department of Children and Family Services has dropped its investigation, which is protocol due to his ex-wife, Norma Gibson’s, request for a restraining order alleging he abused their daughter.

In August, Norma — who has been divorced from Tyrese since 2009 — alleged in court documents that Tyrese hit and beat their daughter to the ground. Tyrese claims the allegations are false.

Meanwhile, Tyrese went on Instagram on Thursday to reveal he was taking a trip out of “toxic” Los Angeles following his recent meltdowns on social media against his Fast co-star, Dwayne Johnson, as well as Norma.

“I hope and pray that all of this toxic bulls**t goes away soon,” the 38-year-old actor wrote. “I’m a positive father aka person who loves to laugh and inspire – I️ have a gift and that’s to connect to and with people.”

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via GIPHY I’m so over Tyrese… Why did it have to be a “Jewish” friend, instead of a friend? That’s nothing but more shade towards black people.. Now he’s in London, practicing yoga in plaid pants.

In London….. Will Smith Levels…… “Be still and know that ! am God” Psalms 46:10 !!!!!!!!!!!!! People will ask how did ! get though it……. #Meditation was suggested by our Favorite Uncle and savage Business Media Mogul!!! @UncleRush #HotYoga google it! Health is wealth…. ! was like nah…. that ain’t gansta… Now look at me aha!! ! was fully fully in my zone until my daughters dog came running in say hello to “Roman”….. now ! know first hand what this scripture means…. “Be still and know that ! am GOD”….. #WhenWeStandWithEachothetMountainsWillMove #BlackWallStreet #BlackFathers #FathersWorldWide Mothers aka Queen of our EARTH!! Excited that THIS is the new narrative amongst moguls and fathers- when I️ lose you lose – That’s when we step IN and pull each other UP!!!!!!!! PLEASE be careful that the narrative doesn’t change…. this is not about women vs men… cause fellas trust me we don’t want that fight lol….. It’s about Fathers vs Liars A post shared by TYRESE (@tyrese) on