Tyrese is having a real life breakdown on social media, He accused The Rock of using Steroids [video]

tyrese daughter

Tyrese Gibson is out here doing what he does best, besides acting, and subliminally dissing black women. Today he hopped on Instagram for another woe is me session. Except this time his issues are no laughing matter.

This morning, the actor was extremely emotional as he prepared to step into court, in a battle to see his daughter. His ex wife, Norma Gibson, filed a restraining order against him, claiming that he abuses their 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

Hours before entering the courtroom Black Ty had an emotional breakdown on social media.

A good portion of his rants were directed at his former friend and co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who Gibson says broke his promise.


Gibson says that none of his wealthy friends including the Rock are willing to him him in his time of need. Terese alluded that he already pays $13,000 a month in child support, plus court costs to fight to see his child.

The entertainer claims because of those financial liabilities, he’s now nearly broke. Gibson is upset with The Rock for filming a solo fast and furious movie based on his longtime Furious character, Luke Hobbs.

The Fast & Furious spin-off with Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs is set to be released July 26, 2019 in advance of the ninth installment of Fast & The Furious, which Universal dated for Easter weekend 2020.


In September, The Rock posted about his many movie deals….

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.58.24 AM

A few days later, Tyrese wrote:

“If you move forward with that #Hobbs Movie you will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter,” Gibson wrote in a since-deleted comment on the picture. “I don’t wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about. I’m on your timeline cause you’re not responding to my text messages – #FastFamily is just that a family…….. We don’t fly solo.”


Tyrese then followed up with another comment:

“I have never and will never have a problem with this major movie star he’s my brother,” Gibson continued. “I’m simply trying to reach him cause he won’t call me back about this solo #HobbsMovie I want you to shoot it just not right now cause the #Fast9 release date has already been announced and we can’t let our loyal fans #FastFamily or our loyal fast and furious FANS down on any level from pushing the date…….. Didn’t you see how HUGE #Fast8 was? It’s because we announced and KEPT our release date bro.”

Obviously his pleas went ignored.

Tyrese now says since his daughter doesn’t matter to The Rock, The Rocks kids don’t matter to him either. But Tyrese didn’t stop there. He also accused The Rock of using steroids and not getting his muscles the natural way.

In addition Tyrese is claiming that he won’t film the next installment if the Rock is involved in any way. But he also says at the same time that no one will hire him because his ex-wife has ruined his reputation…

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