25-year-old man found guilty of sexually molesting 11-year-old girl in exchange for ice cream


“You know it’s really too disgusting to talk about in detail, but it involves just about every type of sexual activity one might imagine,” said Madison County prosecutor Rodney Cummings.

According to court records, the girl claimed Jones would offer “quid pro quo” and solicited sex acts from the girl in exchange for giving her money to buy ice cream or letting her use his phone for a school project.

“Some of it was just persuading her to engage in sex, but some of it was him giving her the cell phone or buying her ice cream if she would do some of these things,” said Cummings.

Prosecutors say Jones is not related to the victim but sometimes served as her caregiver, which illustrates an important warning for parents.

“You have to be very careful who you leave your children with and know the character of the person you leave your children with,” said Jones.

The girl said he forced her to view videos and photos of Jones and her mother having sex, even though she didn’t want to see them. He touched her inappropriately and fondled her, according to court documents.

The girl told police she told Jones “no” on several occasions, but the abuse continued and Jones sometimes got physical to force her into sex acts, court documents said.

On July 2016, Jones told the girl he was taking her swimming. He took her to a Motel 6, where he rented a room and tried to take nude pictures of her.  The girl said she moved around quickly while putting her clothes back on, to make the photos blurry.

The allegations arose last November when the victim told a sexual assault nurse at school.

Prosecutor Cummings says family and friends often ignore the warning signs of sexual abuse, like a change in the victims behavior, instead of reporting their suspicions immediately.

“If you hear things that don’t sound right, please act on call the division of child services,” said Cummings. “”Just call and ask for help. Don’t put your children in these awful situations.”

Jones was convicted of  vicarious sexual gratification, child solicitation and sexual battery.

He faces up to 92 years in prison and will be sentenced later this month.

Jones’ lawyer says he will appeal the verdict.