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5 Socially Distanced Activities You Can Do With Your Friends

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Is the pandemic making things a little too boring? Do you miss hanging out with all your friends and relatives?

Don’t fret, you can still have fun with friends despite the strict rules. There are a bunch of socially distanced activities you can try out. They might feel a bit different because you can’t stick physically close to anyone but they’re great options nonetheless.

Ready to discover great things to do when socially distancing? Read our list below to learn more:

  1. Fun Zoom Calls

If you want fun socially distanced activities to do, you can’t go wrong with Zoom calls. It’s become the go-to conferencing app ever since the pandemic began.

Why use Zoom? It doesn’t require you to register and it can allow up to 100 people to join in a conference call. Yes, the free use only lasts for 40 minutes but there are ways to work around this, such as paying for an upgraded Zoom account.

Using Zoom, you can do things like drinking parties or charades. You can even run games like Cards Against Humanity or a board game. You can even use Zoom to host a virtual reunion party or a murder mystery dinner.

Feel free to use any of the effects and backgrounds on Zoom to add spice and flavor to the calls.

  1. Socially Distanced Picnics

If you’re tired of activities to do at home, why not go on a picnic?

Keep in mind you’ll need to prepare more than usual. You’ll need to check the local social distancing suggestions and regulations. For example, your area might require masks and face shields even though you’re in an open, public space.

To ensure everyone practices safe distancing, you can keep each family apart. Let each family have their own blanket to picnic on.

Each family can stay a good six to ten feet apart. Doing this guarantees you don’t break social distancing rules but are close enough to communicate and have fun.

You can’t have a picnic without a barbecue. If everyone keeps their distance but forms a big circle, you can have the barbecue in the center. Make sure only one person from each family is present at the center for cooking, reducing the possibilities of contamination and spreading.

Picnics can get boring without some fun and games. Make sure that the activities you decide to engage in don’t involve too much physical interaction. Murder mysteries, charades, quiz games, and select sports games like badminton are all great options.

  1. Virtual Movie Nights

Did you know you can still have movie nights even when everyone is at their homes? The most common method is to have a Netflix party using Teleparty.

Not sure how to have a Netflix party? First install Teleparty, which is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Once installed, open up Netflix or another streaming service like Disney Plus or HBO Max.

Keep in mind you have to use a browser and use a laptop. This doesn’t work on a phone, tablet, or gaming console.

Once the video starts playing, click on the Teleparty icon on your browser to get a special URL. Share this with everyone you want to join. They can then customize their user icon and nickname for the viewing party.

Teleparty ensures everyone watches the movie simultaneously. It also offers a chat system and you can have up to 50 people at a party. It’s the best way to experience watching movies together despite not being physically in one room.

Don’t have Netflix but you do have Hulu or Amazon Prime Video? They both feature their own virtual movie party options. You can also use apps like Metastream or Scener.

  1. Discord Tabletop Games

Are you a fan of tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu? Do you love shows like Critical Role, where famous voice actors play the game?

These games rely on people coming together and playing as a group. How can you play something like that, where the social aspect is a core factor, while physically distancing? It’s one of the most fun things to do at home but how do you do it apart from each other?

Fortunately, there are solutions. The most common method is to use Discord. It’s a chat app that allows you to use all sorts of bots. You can download or build a bot to roll dice, manage initiative order, handle character and monster HP, and even display maps.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with Discord. There are apps made for tabletop gaming, like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

  1. Multiplayer Video Games

There is also the option to play multiplayer video games. From PC gaming to consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and the Playstation 5, you have a wide assortment of games to play.

If you prefer free games to play with your friends, try out games like Fortnite or League of Legends. You can try games like Apex Legends or Paladins too.

Are you looking for games that are both easy for non-gamers and kids to get into? The Nintendo Switch is your best bet. It has games with online multiplayer that everyone can quickly get into. Try out titles like Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Tetris 99.

Try Out These Socially Distanced Activities Now

What are you waiting for? Don’t let boredom get to you! Try out these socially distanced activities today and get the whole gang together for some fun!

Yes, even when you and your friends can’t go out, there are ways to still have a good time together. You can play games, host a conference with a spin, watch movies together, or go on a picnic!

That said, you shouldn’t end here. If you want more fun ideas to spend time during this pandemic or if you want general tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts and guides today!

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