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8 ATS Features to Look For Before Buying


Incorporating technology and its tools into the recruitment and hiring process is the best approach for recruiters to improve efficiency and speed. The post lists the eight elements you should look for when picking an ATS for your firm.

Recruitment and recruiting have been transformed by technology. Today’s software helps us keep track of our objectives. It is clear that technology has become even more vital and influential in the recruiting sector in recent years. Everyone is in competition, thus one must thoroughly examine any tool before utilising it. As a result, we have chosen to assist you and have done the research for you.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) make recruitment easier and quicker. It screens away applications that don’t match the candidate profile you’re searching for. The filter adapts to your client’s needs. This saves time for the recruiter, allowing them to focus on other areas that may need their attention. The programme also aids in screening and shortlisting. Today’s software has even more built-in functionality. They will also help you organise interviews and keep in touch with both your customer and your applicant. Nowadays, most major organisations use recruiting software, therefore it’s time to stop using time-consuming old recruitment methods and let software do the heavy lifting. Faster service will help you and your agency create a brand. Let us assist you by listing eight qualities to look for in an ATS before you pick the best one for your agency:

8 ATS Features to Look For Before Buying

1. Convenient

A user-friendly interface is required for any platform to be accessible to everybody. If a consumer can easily browse your website or mobile app, they are more likely to return. A simple interface makes it easy to find and utilise all the software’s capabilities. It will also assist attract new consumers and demonstrate that you value their opinions and ensure that the interface is user-friendly.

2. Employee Recommendation

Employee referrals are quite valuable and frequently handle the bulk of the initial recruiting effort. When an organization’s workers suggest someone to fill an available job, they need to know they will be prioritised. Referrals facilitate recruiting, which is why the ATS you use should emphasise applicants and applications suggested by workers. Look for an applicant tracking system with an integrated employee recommendation system to assist simplify your work and speed up the process.

3. Built-in Analytics

An ATS with built-in data analytics and reporting is preferred. It lets you to adapt your product or service to your customers’ needs and expectations. It is also important to monitor the performance of the various activities allocated to the various phases of recruiting. Choosing software that delivers real-time information regarding your recruiting process and activities is more lucrative. It lets you keep an eye on your competition and study the market.

4. Managing Interviews

Finally, we’ve reached the stage of the procedure considered the most taxing. It is vital to keep in touch with your applicants to keep track of their development and determine who is the greatest fit. In recruiting, this generally involves many interviews. Interviews assist you learn what is ideal for your customer and what sort of individual best fits their firm. One should not rate a candidate just on their technical abilities, which is why one-on-one conversations assist. You must seek for an ATS that organises and handles your interviews for you. This is one of the most fundamental aspects in every ATS.

5. Services à la clientèle

The key to providing exceptional customer service is maintaining constant contact with your clients. Constant communication on both sides helps create consumer trust. Trust is vital in every company since it attracts loyal consumers. Before you invest in any programme, be sure the company’s support service is accessible 24/7 and responsive to your needs.

6. A unified CRM

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software lets you keep track of and communicate with your applicants. It helps create and maintain connections with applicants, and having an integrated CRM is a plus. Also useful during a recruiting freeze, it saves time and money and increases productivity. Take for example a single platform with all the technologies needed to streamline recruiting. So shop around and make sure your ATS is versatile enough to provide you access to all of them.

7. Protection

It is critical that your software is always reliable and secure. Any external or internal risks must be avoided at all costs. To get the best notion, one can read reviews to see whether other users of the programme experienced issues with cyber security.

8. Automated Processes  

For most tasks that would normally be done manually, automation implies letting your programme do them for you. Increased collaboration leads to more productivity and better outcomes. In addition to excellent automation, ATS software should assist customise workflow. This lets all departments involved in the recruiting process to work together on a single platform and share information.

Review any ATS before you buy it. You may check out reviews on sites like Capterra and others to see what you’re getting into. Be aware that even on the most trustworthy websites, there are sometimes numerous phoney reviews, so be prepared. Good luck!