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There’s nothing better than sitting in the nail technician’s chair and thinking”I’m looking forward to getting my act together! However, choosing the right nail design is a major decision. All the thoughts that are swirling around your mind – is the design flexible enough to work with my outfits for the three weekends ahead? brunches? Is that style too much/boring? Do I stick to my normal nude or going bold this time? What a hassle! Here are ten nail designs to provide you with the motivation or persuasion that you may require…


One of the hottest trending nail designs! Insta-worthy and Pinterest for an abstract style is an ideal option to consider if you want something that is appropriate to most occasions, but with a playful variation.

If you’re an individual who is usually your usual comfortable, tan look using abstract elements in an outfit can provide some interest without appearing too much. You can be neutral by using white or baby pink, gold or add a splash of color with blue, yellow and green There are plenty of colours to pick from!

Classic French Tip

Modern, sleek and elegant, this nail style is so beautiful and effortless and elegant – the traditional French point. Perhaps you’re more of a kind of person who is more laid back? You prefer to take the ‘less is more’ style. The French point is, and will always remain an iconic design that is guaranteed to last.

Do you want to change the standard method? In lieu of white tips opt for a different color! Perhaps black? Yellow? or a completely new color combination instead of a basic base Oh lala!

What’s more exciting than colorful tips? This style is one you should choose to draw the attention of your fellow nail artists. A different take on the classic French mani. A with a little spice!

The best feature of this design of nail is its possibility to pick any design you’ve been lusting over and then combine it with a clean base – elegance with a touch of fun! An excellent way to give some color without making too huge an impression.


The dreamy nail design that you’ve always wanted. It’s amazing how captivating a marble/quartz pattern can be – with so numerous swirls and mixes. A delicate and intricate design that makes your nails appear like quartz crystals or marble stones. Why should you spend thousands on a kitchen made of marble when you can get it in your fingers technically!

If you want to take the nail style to the next level, choose gold accents in 3D or not – gives more depth and the WOW factor!

Combining two shades like an emerald-green marble and rose quartz can create a stunning design!


There is something incredibly beautiful in a naked nail that has been expertly filed and looks perfectly. The beauty of nude nails is that they are a great match for any. Therefore, if you’re sitting in your comfy pjs, while sipping a cup tea, you’ll have a coordinated look. There is no need to plan your nails according to your outfit plan!

Do you want to refine this look to the next level? Try a naked look with a slight shimmer or gold accents. Both give a more bold look without overpowering the simple naked look.

Animal Print

What fun ‘MOO’d animal print nail is. An original and fun design that is sure to bring that edgy look to any style. No matter if you’re heading for a drink, going to a party or just sitting at home in your comfy clothes are looking as cool as ever with your animal-themed claws.

The cow, leopard, zebra or tortoiseshell prints are some of the options available. As adorable as the the black and white prints can be changing the colors can result in a distinctive look. Perhaps you’re in love with the color sage green right now? Blue leopard print? Have fun incorporating colour into animal prints!


A minimal yet effective nail design. Do you know anything that is more enjoyable than a 5 shades per nail? I doubt it! A gradient style is a good choice for those who want something simple, easy and to stand out.

As seen on a variety of celebrities, this style is extremely popular on the internet and in other places. This style is extremely versatile based on your mood. If you’re looking for an edgy or neutral look it is a breeze to please your nails.

It’s the best option If you tend to be unsure when it comes to choosing which shade of pink you prefer, you can choose all five colors to cut out the time and effort!


All-round cutesy! Floral is the nail art style to let you experience the brighter aspect of life. And what is more charming than hand-painted flowers? Too much!

If you’re looking to have your nails painted to match the seasons, then opting to the florist is the ideal way to go about it. So let’s create plans to include: Daisy’s for summer Begonia’s for autumn, Snowdrops for Winter , and Pansies for Spring . All ready!

Fun Print 

Prints that are fun and expressive are another popular trend in people who do nail art. If you’re one who loves to go completely wild on your nails opt for a design that shows something unique and different or maybe not! There are many designs to choose from based on your preferences. The best part is you can make your own personal touch to your swing by personalising it by using colour.

Chilli peppers, smiley faces and even checkerboard design are just a few of the fun nail prints you can choose from”Checkmate!”

Mix & Match

Are you in a position to make your decision? You’re looking for that particular design, it’s that too…ah the confusion! However, mixing and matching nail design might be the answer to your dilemma.

Avoid the hassle and stand out by wearing this stunning design. Mix and match your favorite shapes, patterns , and colours to create something bold and memorable. Maybe you pick one particular design on each nail? Pretty on the thumbs with a touch of an edge on the indexes and smileys on your pinkies. Let your imagination run wild!

So, Your Next Nail Design Sorted?

Have you made the right decision? I hope this will ease the burden – but if not do you want to be bold and have your nail tech be as flexible as they like? This is a challenge you must accept and let your nails fall into the hands of your trusted nail technician I’m daring you!