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A List Of The World’s Most Advanced Cities


The tech-savvy among us have become more fascinated by traveling Advanced Cities than admiring jaw-dropping natural scenery or historically significant buildings. We won’t get tired of the beautiful view of a city, but in modern cities, some things are ‘smarter’ to enjoy. In terms of technology, architecture, and the environment, we’re referring to cities that demonstrate forward-looking approaches in all these areas. We must adhere to the idea that innovation is the key, pushing the boundaries and leaving visitors speechless. It is worth a trip to one of these models of modernity if you want to have your mind blown. Read on to some of the most advanced cities in the world and take a trip to one of them today.

A list of 7 progressive cities you should visit in 2020:

1. The United States, San Francisco

 Advanced Cities

A world-famous technology cluster has long been a part of San Francisco, which is home to the world-renowned Silicon Valley. In addition to that, it has developed forward-looking transportation infrastructure. It is one of the most accessible cities you could ever dream of visiting because it has an international airport, rail and subway systems, and a municipal railway system. The railway serves the city daily, seven days a week, and includes alternative-fuel vehicles, electric trolley buses, cable cars, and train services available 24 hours a day. There is very little investment in public infrastructure in the US these days, so projects are rare. However, with the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, the path for change appears to be paved. There will be a 5.4-acre public park on the terminal’s roof, and the terminal will serve the California High-Speed Rail, demonstrating the link between transport and public space. The environment as the terminal serves the California High-Speed Rail. There is no doubt that you will want to leave your car at home in this city, home to world-leading startup companies, car sharing incentives, and the investment in automated electric vehicles you will see there. Before heading off on your journey, make sure you find a place to park and have fun on your drive.

1. Japan, Tokyo

A List Of The World's Most Advanced Cities

No wonder Tokyo ranks as one of the world’s most advanced cities with its towering skyscrapers, modern architecture, and neon signs. Discover all the latest technology on the streets. You’ll find everything in Tokyo, from AI-driven automobiles to advanced smartphone technology. Find the ideal salon to suit your needs using the savvy salon booking system. There are almost no Gen Z-focused services. A robot barista might even serve you if all the tech-filled excitement has made you thirsty.

2. Seoul, South Korea

 Advanced Cities

Seoul has emerged from poverty-stricken conditions after the Korean War to become a technological hub. Urban planners created a thriving hub after winning ‘World Design Capital’ in 2010. Innovation is a key part of its design, featuring smartphone entry, protective screen doors, and Wi-Fi. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are just a few companies headquartered here. You’ll find no shortage of new ideas in this country as more patents are filed than anywhere else. There are restaurants and shops open 24/7.

3. Singapore, Southeast Asia

 Advanced Cities

Singapore is home to many top technology companies, including Microsoft, IBM, and Google. Asia’s most hi-tech city is Singapore. Marina Bay Sands and other modern architecture create epic views of the city skyline. Toll technology charges for using roads based on usage, and citizens and visitors enjoy free high-speed internet and mobile payments. A climate-controlled dome, wild otters, and the famous ‘Supertree’ sculptures are among the attractions at Gardens by the Bay.

4. Denmark, Copenhagen

 Advanced Cities

Like many Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. 2025 is the deadline for severing fossil fuel dependence. A full-scale smart energy lab is also on hand to help the city achieve its goal of harnessing wind power. A single intelligent energy system integrates district heating, energy-efficient buildings, and electric transport. This city is a model for future sustainability, with more industrial designers, architects, and urban planners than it can count. Take a ride and see how the digital and environmental revolutions intersect.

5. China, Hong Kong

A List Of The World's Most Advanced Cities

In this picture, you can see Hong Kong’s high-rise skyline and its transport network. The city is considered one of the most advanced in the world.

As far as progressive cities go, Hong Kong ticks all the boxes. Asia’s financial hub, with its high-rise skyline. Research and development cost a lot of money. A high proportion of its exports come from high-tech products. Online services are commonplace for those who call it home, and you’ll find some of the fastest internet speeds. Moreover, its public transportation system is outstanding. With the city’s network of trains, buses, trams, and ferries, I won’t need your car.

6. The United States, New York City

New York is a must-have on any advanced city list. Times Square’s New Year’s Eve celebration is world-famous, and the city lives and breathes modernity. Smartphones, gadgets, and connected devices abound on the streets of New York. Despite its somewhat outdated infrastructure, the city is progressive in every other way. You can find a high-tech company on every street corner, and new startups are born daily. The city has been giving San Francisco a run for its money in terms of tech talent; the number of local tech talent is growing rapidly.