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AJ Styles Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life


Styles The real name of Styles actually is Allen Neal Jones. He has chosen to make a profession as a professional wrestler. He kept his ring name “AJ STYLES.” He is an experienced professional wrestler. He was part of the umbrella of the WWE. He has a reputable name in the world of Wrestling. When he was in his professional career, he has promoted a variety of brands. He also appeared on stage with many famous wrestlers in Wrestling.

AJ Styles Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Early Life

Allen was buried in the world on the 2nd of June 1977. Allen was born in the state in the area of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune located at Jacksonville, North Carolina. The lives of everyone are not identical to others. He suffered a horrible childhood. He was abused and alcoholic father. As a young man his family was in financial hardship. The poorness of his situation was such the money was too scarce to sit down and watch TV. Because of this, he wouldn’t have the privilege of watching wrestling shows. He was extremely attracted to Wrestling. When he was a child and moved to Gainesville. In Gainesville, he completed his education at the Johnson High School. He was raised with his siblings. He finished his education at the age of 1996. He was a student at in the University of Anderson University. He had left the school in the absence of a teacher. The University was located in Anderson and was located situated in Anderson, South Carolina. The reason he went to Anderson was an award in Wrestling.


He began his career mowing lawns and driving an ambulance to help his family. He was attracted to Wrestling when he was a kid. Therefore, he was very dedicated to his training. Ricks Michaels was his trainer. He made his first appearance in Wrestling in 1998. He made his first performance as “Mr. Olympia.” The wrestler was wrestler in a mask, and in the match, he lost the match to Micheal Books. The year 1999 was the year He was a participant at the Television Championship. He retained his name under Air Styles, A.J Styles, AJ styles, Mr. Olympia. He was the winner of numerous championships like the World Championship Wrestling in 2001 and the TNA World Heavyweight championship Twice. He was named the title of Ten WWE Wrestler Of the Year in the year 2015. His name was included in the Hall of the Fame in the year of 2017. The journalist was Micheal Moore. He was called the greatest wrestler in the World. According to the columnist who praised him as the crown jewel of TNA. In 2020, through the stone cold Steve Austin. He was considered to be the best wrestler in the world on two feet. Only that year, Undertaker was regarded as one of the best professional.

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Personal Life

AJ Styles Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Jones was engaged to his school teacher who’s name was Wendy. The couple got married in year 2000. The couple were gifted by Ajay Covell Jones Avery Jones, AlbeyJones. The couple currently live in Gainsville in Georgia. in Georgia. The father of his daughter, whose is named Anne Jones. He is a believer in Christianity.

Net Worth

He has a Net Worth in the range of six million dollars. The money he earned from his professional wrestling career.

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