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ALDI opens its first Arizona stores on November 5th.


Shopping for groceries in Arizona is becoming smarter faster, easier, and more convenient. On the 4th of November. 5 ALDI the leader in low-priced groceries will open their initial Arizona locations in the Chandler and Goodyear regions. Its entry in Arizona forms part of an expansion plan that places ALDI in the position of becoming the third-largest U.S. grocery retailer by stores at the end of 2022.

With ALDI opening its first store in Arizona the residents of Phoenix are now able to be part of the millions of people across the nation who enjoy shopping at ALDI for top-quality groceries at affordable prices and The brand new Chandler store located at 2844 S. Alma School Road as well as the brand-new Goodyear store located at 845 N. Estrella Parkway will be open between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Both have the convenience of food deliveries and pickup at the curb.

“We’re excited to expand into the Southwest and are extremely proud to have reached this milestone when we open the first of our Arizona stores,” explained Tom Cindel the director of operations and logistics for the group at ALDI and “Our ambitious growth strategies are always centered around giving the most people possible with affordable, high-quality groceries they can depend on day-to-day. We recognize that easy access to fresh foods and essential household items is vital, particularly in the present. At ALDI we’re committed to contributing to helping our communities in the local area We are eager to introduce customers from Goodyear and Chandler. Chandler and Goodyear regions to the ALDI distinction.”

ALDI stores have been designed to be simple and efficient. This year ALDI has seamlessly integrated a number of new safety features into their stores throughout the nation. Safety and health of employees and customers are the top priority and ALDI has made its stores more efficient to ensure the cleanest and most secure shopping experience. The retailer is also determined to ensure that its stores are fully stocked with necessities for food and home that customers require and want, such as healthier, convenient options as well as an extensive selection of fresh produce that is delivered fresh to stores every day.

ALDI makes shopping different

Access to quality, affordable grocery items is crucial for everyone, as is the fact that ALDI will keep providing the most affordable prices If you decide to shop in a shop or go online for the curbside pickup of your groceries or delivery You will instantly notice the ALDI distinction.

Low-Price Leader

When you’re looking for quality, ALDI won’t be beaten at price. For the last 10 years, ALDI has held the highly coveted label of Value Leader within U.S. grocery stores, according to Market Force Information(r) the U.S and Grocery Competitive study. *

* Smart, Speedy, and Simple

It’s the ALDI shopping experience that has been designed to make shopping more convenient. Each store is home to approximately 12000 square feet of space for retail, and up to six aisles easy to navigate than large-box stores.

* Award-Winning Selection of Products:

More than 90% of the products are exclusive to ALDI brands like products from Simply Nature live free specially Selected as well as Earth Grown line and one in three ALDI-exclusive products have won awards and ALDI provides a carefully selected assortment that includes organic and natural meats as well as fresh fruits and vegetable premium cheeses and healthy seafood, gluten-free products as well as specialty wines, and many more at affordable prices. ALDI recognizes that people require access to healthy options at a reasonable price and, therefore, whether they are plant-based, organic, or vegan, ALDI has the selection that will suit your needs.

* Loyal Customers:

ALDI surveys its shoppers each year to identify their top-rated products. In 2020 the number of loyal fans casts votes for their top ALDI products in 20 categories. Fans’ Favorites winners can be identified by searching at the logo with a blue heart on the stores.

* ALDI Finds

Each week, ALDI offers limited-time, unique products ranging from exclusive food items and home items to shocking items like beer and wine Advent calendars as well as tiny kitchen gadgets and ALDI Discoveries are displayed in an aisle that is called the “Aisle of Fun.”

* Twice as Nice Guarantee:

Every item is protected by our irresistible Twice as a Nice guarantee. If, for any reason, you aren’t happy with the product’s quality product We will happily exchange the item and refund your money.


If you prefer to shop for their groceries on the internet, ALDI continues to grow its e-commerce offerings. The delivery of groceries is available across the country and ALDI recently announced that it will be expanding curbside grocery pickup to over 700 stores. **** The continual growth of the services is a part of the company’s dedication to making shopping more convenient. Customers can go to to learn more.

ALDI is known for its competitive benefits and wages, ALDI is one of the top retailers growing fastest across the U.S., creating new opportunities for local residents and across the nation In just the last year, ALDI has hired thousands of new workers and is actively seeking the most innovative and talented people to join their team. ALDI was also included on the Forbes list of “America’s Most Large Employers” five times in a row and also named as a 2019 And 2018 Indeed best Workplaces in the categories of Rewards and Compensation. To learn more about working at ALDI and search current job openings,