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Alyssa Edwards Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life


Alyssa Edwards is a Puerto Rican drag queen and athlete who earned a net worth of one million dollars. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and is the former winner of Miss Continental 2000. Her name is a combination of Alyssa Edwards and Danielle Hunter. She has appeared in several television shows and movies and has been a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Early life:

Alyssa Edwards Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life

Alyssa Edwards was born in Mesquite, Texas, and attended West Mesquite High School. She has not disclosed her college or career plans. She has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. Alyssa Edwards is a successful entrepreneur, choreographer, and drag queen. She is the owner of Beyond Belief Dance Company.

Alyssa Edwards’ net worth is $1 million. She is a professional dancer and performer and splits her time between international bookings and teaching dance in her hometown. Her net worth is a result of her efforts in the entertainment industry. The actress’s net worth has grown exponentially in the last few years. She has become a successful actress and entrepreneur.


Justin Edwards is an American drag artist and businesswoman. He was born on 16 January 1980 in Mesquite, Texas. His parents wanted him to be a cheerleader or football player. He had the courage to dress like a girl and became an entrepreneur. In addition, she has her own dance company and has appeared in Netflix documentaries. Alyssa has a net worth of $3 million.

Alyssa Edwards has a net worth of $39 million. She was born in California, and her parents met when he was a child. Their relationship started when Justin was 14. They married later that year. However, Alyssa Edwards’ father, Justin Johnson, is still alive and has a net worth of $4 million. Alyssa Edwards is a reality star who has earned over $5 million in the last five years.

Personal Life:

Alyssa Edwards’s parents are from a family of painters. She has two younger brothers. Her mother is a painter, and her father is a furniture maker. Her father was a lawyer, and their family lives in Miami, Florida. Alyssa watched these shows as a child, and she became inspired to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Her family’s financial background is not known, but she has a modest income.

Alyssa Edwards’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million by 2022. She has a modest starting income, earning $22k-80k as a choreographer. She also appears on television and in the documentary film “Pageant” (2008). In 2010, Alyssa Edwards was crowned Miss Gay Texas America. She also won the 2010 All American Goddess competition and Miss Gay America.

Alyssa Edwards’ net worth is $2 million as of late 2017. Her success in the entertainment industry has helped her accumulate her wealth. Although her early life is largely unknown to the media, Edwards’ mother, Sherrie Johnson, is named Sherrie Edwards. She is very popular on Twitter and Instagram, with over five million followers and  Alyssa Edwards’ videos have been viewed 63 million times on Tiktok.

Alyssa Edwards Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life

Alyssa Edwards Net Worth

Alyssa Edwards’ net worth is $3 million and She has earned many awards as a drag performer. She has also appeared on television shows, films, and plays. Her net value is estimated at $3 million. Alyssa Edwards’ net worth has grown significantly over the years and  Alyssa Edwards’ early life was filled with numerous accomplishments, and she is the richest Reality Star in the United States.

Alyssa Edwards’ net worth is $3 million Alyssa has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Her first title in RuPaul’s Drag Race was won at the age of 16. She has a number of other roles in the entertainment industry. Alyssa Edwards’ first title in the show was at age 16. She is an actress, model, and a former Miss Gay America.