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Anais Gallagher Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More


Anais Gallagher’s net worth is not known, but her popularity is on the rise. She has a following of more than 215 thousand people on Instagram and has endorsed brands like House of Sunny and Reserved. Her YouTube channel has 564 thousand subscribers, and she’s also appeared in TV shows like East Los High and Women Talk with Meosha. Her personal life is also quite interesting; she’s dated a couple of guys, including her cousin, Tommy Gallagher.

Anais Gallagher Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More

Early Life:

In her early years, Anais dated Liam Gallagher and Reece Bibby. The two were in a relationship for a year before splitting in 2016. Their relationship ended in 2016. However, the couple has never confirmed the relationship. The singer’s son, Liam, is the lead singer of Oasis. Although her father is a musician, his wife is a television personality.

According to her Instagram profile, Anais Gallagher has a net worth of $1 million USD. Her main source of income is her design career, which she began at the age of 16. Her parents are singers and songwriters, and she is a member of the pop group Oasis. She is a popular social media personality. The two are reportedly engaged, but she has not disclosed their marital status.

Anais is a well-known social media personality. She is also a model for Monsoon Accessorise. The 21-year-old is an Aquarius, and her primary source of income is from her role as an Instagram star. Her parents are musicians, and her father’s job as an actor. The singer’s mother, Meg Mathews, was a fashion designer.


Anais Gallagher was born in Hampshire and grew up in Hampstead, London. Her paternal uncle, Liam, was the frontman of the rock band Oasis, and her maternal grandmother was Meg Mathews. The two met through an MTV presenter. They married in Las Vegas and had two sons. Her stepmother was Sara MacDonald, who was a fashion stylist. She has two half-brothers and two sisters.

The model and social media sensation Anais Gallagher was born on January 27, 2000, in London, England. She was raised by her parents, Noel and Meg Matthews. Her parents, Tom and Meg, are singers and musicians. She has received awards for her work. Besides, she is also an Instagram sensation and has appeared on various magazine covers. She was born on January 27, 2000, and her birthday is celebrated every year on this day. She’s now 22 years old.

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Personal Life:

Anais Gallagher Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More

Anais Gallagher was born on January 27, 2000, in London. She was adopted by her mother, who is an actress. Her parents were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. They divorced when Anais was a year old. Her parents have two children, Sonny and Donovan Gallagher. Her mother still lives in London. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and her measurements are 32-24-32 inches tall.

Her parents met through a mutual friend who was an MTV presenter. Noel and Meg later married in 1997. They divorced when Anais was a baby. Anais Gallagher’s father later married a woman named Sara MacDonald, and the pair have two half-brothers. Anais Gallagher net worth is estimated at $1 million to $5 million. Her family and career are her primary sources of income, but she prefers to maintain a modest lifestyle.

Anais Gallagher Net Worth:

Known for her Instagram account, Anais has a net worth of $60 million. The singer is a social media star, but her net worth is not yet revealed. Her parents live in London. Their three children have an estimated combined net worth of $170 million. Anis’ net worth is based on the number of followers she has on her Instagram. She has an estimated net value of $60 million.

Anais Gallagher’s relationship history has been a mystery. The singer-songwriter was rumored to be dating Reece Bibby in 2015, but the details have not been revealed publicly. She is currently dating Yungblud, and there’s no official confirmation. In addition to dating Reece Bibby, she has been dating Yungblud since 2019.