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Ultimate Guide: Where to Find Ancient Shards OSRS” – Tips and Locations Revealed


By eliminating enemies in the Catacombs of Kourend, one can get ancient shards in OSRS. In the tombs, there is an altar where players can use Ancient shards of OSRS to make various potions that improve fighting. These potions have a five-minute shelf life. They do not stack with overloads, which is a crucial distinction. The catacombs only yield 15 XP per minute regardless of the activity you choose to do there, so you must use your time well if you want any prayer XP from them. Each brew takes 45 seconds to create.

How many ruins can we collect each day?

The number of ancient shards that each monster drops varies from 1 to 5, with an average of 2. Only by raising your slayer level will you be able to raise the number of shards you receive each day.

How can individuals produce additional OSRS ancient shards?

People can utilize the following strategies to get the most out of their visit to the catacombs:

Selection of a world with a lot of people

To gather monster drops more quickly, pick an environment with many players frequently killing monsters. The choice of a globe with a large population will also help to counteract the usual prayer XP you receive there. Every monster that appears on your screen should be killed. If another player isn’t killing it, target another one as soon as it appears. It implies that even if there aren’t any monsters on your current screen, you should still have one to kill.

Slayer XP/hr will increase.

Consider carrying some food with you if you can’t find a crowded world to stay in the tombs longer and gain more slayer experience per hour.

Management of inventory:

Inventory control is essential in the catacombs so that you have enough room to store all your drops. Use fishbowls or holding bags if additional space is required.

OSRS use of ancient shards

Various combat boosts are created:

We employ the Ancient shards to produce various fighting improvements. It would be best to start with a tremendous anti-fire boost, which raises your maximum hit against specific dragon-related creatures like fire giants and black dragons. Create this by placing a clean Samedan and 100 antiquated shards on the secret catacomb altar.

Zamorak brew formation:

Due to its strength enhancement, you might want to consider making this vital potion. Use 100 ancient shards at the same altar to create it (dark). If you die with any of these potions in your inventory, it will vanish because it deteriorates over time. Because of this, I advise either producing them only as needed or storing them in your bank in the noted form.

Making a prayer potion from ancient shards:

Last but not least, it is advised to use any prayer potions made from antiquated shards on the Zamorak altars that can be located everywhere across the catacombs. If not, use them for a few experience points on the altar inside Zemouregal’s fort. If you have previously left a rune essence at this altar, there is a minor possibility that you will gain an additional 2 XP while training inside Zemouregal’s fort.

To travel quickly to the four areas in the Catacombs of Kourend, you’ll need an ancient shard OSRS: Demon’s Run on the northeast, where you battle lesser and black demons; Dragon’s Den on the northwest, where you fight vicious black dragons; Reeking Cove on the south, where you battle deviant specters; and The Shallows on the southeast, where you battle King Sand Crabs. The hitpoints influence OSRS’s ancient shard drop rate that monsters assign to their prey.

What is the process of obtaining Ancient shards in OSRS?

By slaying enemies in the Catacombs of Kourend, players can gain Ancient shards for OSRS. When you kill any of the aforementioned monsters, they will occasionally drop in a 1/50 probability based on your slayer level. When wearing a dark totem made by fusing a zenith shard with a lava combat staff, the drop rate rises to 1/30.

Players can access a secret area under the statue of King Rada I in Great Kourend after gaining 100% favor with the Arceuus House, where they can earn up to 65,000 XP per hour and 2-4 ancient shards every five minutes.

Ancient Shard OSRS Importance:

Ancient shard OSRS is essential for crafting the best in-game potions if you wish to brew them at the ZAMORAK or DARK ALTARS. You must clean Samedan and have 100 ancient shards (which may be purchased on GE every two hours) (obtained by cutting toxic plants in the house garden- requires 89 farming).

Four super anti-fire potions exist for each dragon-related creature, including the lesser demon, black demon, terrible black dragon, and fire giant. Use 100 ancient shards on the dark altar, known as the ZAMORAK ALTAR, to create 250 fire runes and 300 molten glass. To prepare an anti-fire potion that grants you 150 XP, you must now include Samedan. You need four doses of each brew, so repeat the process three more times for all four. After generating each amount of your potions, bank them for optimum effectiveness before continuing to create super anti-fires.

250 fire runes and 300 molten glass are obtained by using the ancient shard OSRS ALTAR by players. To prepare an anti-fire potion that grants you 150 XP, you must now include Samedan. You need four doses of each brew, so repeat the process three more times for all four. After generating each dose of your potions, bank them for optimum effectiveness before continuing to create super anti-fires.

In Summary

To collect OSRS Ancient shards, players must fight monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend. According to your slayer level, the creatures below have a 1/50 chance of dropping when killed. The rate of drops rises to 1/30. Players will become ancient shards, which are extremely rare, after gaining 100% favor with the Arceuus House in Kourend. They are created to produce different fighting bonuses.

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