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Angela Macuga Wiki Bio, Kids, And Net Worth


Arthur Blank’s third wife, Angela Macuga, is an American philanthropist and volunteer, however, she is arguably best known to the wider public as Arthur Blank’s third wife. The pair wed in 2016, but have since parted.

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Angela Macuga is the lady behind the voice. Age, childhood, and education may all be discovered on the internet owing to the power of the internet.

Her parents’ names and jobs, as well as whether or not she has any siblings or not, remain a mystery for Angela Macuga, who was born on March 14, 1968, in Brooks, Georgia, in the United States. 

Upon graduating from high school, Angela opted to pursue a career in sales and marketing at the University of South Carolina.

When Angela married sports millionaire Arthur Blank, it wasn’t because of her employment, but because she had a successful firm of her own before that. Graphics Solution Group is a firm that offers services relating to graphic design, promotional items and printing. 

In addition, she worked with the Boundless Network, a branding agency that focuses in supporting small companies to develop their own brands and acquire a footing in the market. Although she had a successful profession before her marriage to Arthur, she has now committed herself totally to humanitarian activities following their union.

Arthur Blank, as well as Angela Macuga both, has a unique perspective.

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Because he was driving drunk, he was murdered in a car accident. After the loss of her husband, she started the non-profit organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

My First Encounter With Arthur Blank. Marriage And Divorce

In 2012, Angela and Arthur met for the first time at a high-level soccer league match for their respective children. In little time at all, they had developed a strong bond and finally fell in love.

It was a year later when Arthur proposed to her. They married the following year. After two and a half years, they seem to have separated amicably, based on their comments.

Former Spouse Of Angela Macuga Arthur Blank,

Finally, let’s look at Angela’s ex-husband, who was also the man who initially placed her on the map:

His parents, Max and Molly Blank welcomed him into the world on September 27, 1942, in Sunnyside, Queens, New York. His older brother, Michael, is his role model. Arthur’s path to Babson College in Boston began at New York’s Stuyvesant High School. 

When he graduated from college the following year, he worked as a senior accountant at Arthur Young and Company in New York City.

Onward to Daylin Corporation, where he progressed to become President of the Elliott’s Drug Stores/Stripe Discount Store network. When Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers was sold in 1978, Angus was fired as vice president of finance.

Angela Macuga

Home Depot And Sports Teams

Arthur was a co-founder of Home Depot with Bernard Marcus, who revolutionized the field of home improvement. As a result, Arthur is now a multimillionaire.

Arthur served as the company’s president for 19 years while he was co-chairman and then took over as CEO after Marcus stepped down.

Upon his retirement from business, he bought the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and MLS’s Atlanta United. Both teams play in Atlanta. He created a new team in order to expand his business.

Arthur Blank’s Net Worth

Arthur has become a billionaire as a consequence of the success of his business and sports teams. What is Arthur Blank’s current net worth? According to credible reports, Blank has a fortune of up to $5.4 billion. Wow, isn’t it amazing?

An Account Of The Life And Times Of Arthur Blank

It is named after Arthur’s third wife, Angela. His first wife, Diana Latow, had three children with him; they divorced in 1992. Before he met her, he had two past relationships that didn’t work out.

It was in 1995 that he married Stephanie V.Wray, a Georgia-based fashion designer. He and his ex-wife had three children together until they split in 2014.

Arthur Blank is a well-known philanthropist who serves on the Emory University Board of Trustees and leads the Arthur Blank Family Foundation.

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