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Angela Means Kaaya Wiki/Bio Net Worth And More


Angela Means, an actress, became famous for her role as Felicia in the 1995 film Friday. The “Bye Felicia” meme, which became famous in 2010, initially featured her. “Craig Jones” is a character Ice Cube stated she’d portray in the film. The fact that she hasn’t been seen in public suggests that she has more pressing matters on her mind.

What Is The Age Of Angela Means, The Actress?

Angela Means Kaaya, a Michigan native who was born on November 19, 1963, is now 59 years old. Felisha, a ’90s actress, was the star of her most famous role, “Friday.”

What Does Angela’s Height And Weight Indicate?

Angela Means weighs a svelte 62 kg, or around 136 pounds. She is 5’4″ or 163 cm tall. Short blonde hair and large brown eyes are two of her most striking traits.

A look into Angela Means’s professional life

Isn’t She A Multi-Talented Person?

RAWkin Juice owner Angela Means, of Burbank, was also a stockholder. Means also makes her own line of vegan food. In addition, Jackfruit Café, a new venture for Mean, has debuted in the state of California. These publications have written about this eatery: LA Weekly (Page Six), Essence (Essence).

In February of this year, Angela Means proudly posted a picture of her “Impossible burger,” a meatless hamburger. Means is an avid gardener who grew up vegetarian.

She’s not only a talented cook, but she also takes excellent care of the animals she works with. She worked as a dog walker for Dog Rescuer for five years. As a photographer for her clients and their families, Means has a unique perspective on the world around her. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News.

Angela Means Kaaya entered the world on November 19, 1963, as Angela Means Kaaya. She was born and reared in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where her family owns a 175-acre farm.

She’s happy to be able to forage and cultivate her own after learning about the health advantages of fruits and vegetables since she was a child. She hasn’t shared any information about her upbringing or upbringing, including her schooling.

Angela Symbolizes A Family Of Her Own

Brad Kaaya Sr., a scriptwriter for shows like MADtv and Cousin Skeeter, was the husband of Angela Means.

Brad Kaaya Jr., their son, was born on September 3rd, 1995, in Los Angeles. The city of Miami, Florida, is where he presently calls home. His father, an American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, was his mentor and trainer when he was playing for Pop Warner’s Football. Means and Brad Kaaya separated when Brad Kaaya Jr. was five years old.

What Is Angela Mean’s Estimated Net Worth At This Time?

Angela Mean’s net worth is unknown. Since the 1990s, Angela has been a popular and successful star. Even today, viewers adore her depiction as Felicia in the popular film Friday, which she co-wrote and directed.

This actress, who has outshined and competed with others in the field, has unquestionably captured the hearts of millions of people throughout the world.

Is Angela Means Married Or Is She Still Unattached?

Angela Means, 56, was previously married to screenwriter Brad Kaaya, with whom she had two children. They have never stated when they first met or when they got engaged.

On the other side, after dating Brad for more than eight months, Means fell pregnant with his child. Means even promoted her film Friday on red carpets while she was expecting her child.

Bradley Mathias Kaaya Jr, the couple’s first child, was born on September 3, 1995. Her son, who plays quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, is a well-known figure in American football.

Things, on the other hand, did not go well between them. In the end, they separated when their kid was only five years old. There has been no clear indication of the cause for their breakup. During an interview with the Young Business Forum (YBF) on February 5, 2014, she revealed that she had separated from her spouse Brad.

They continue to provide wonderful care for their kid despite the fact that they have separated and divorced. Their son remarked that his mother was a constant source of inspiration and motivation for him at all stages of his life.

In a similar vein, his father used to instruct him and force him to practice throwing spiral balls with pinpoint accuracy. Means has stayed single after the couple’s divorce and has not been involved in any other romantic relationships since then.

Her ex-husband Brad, on the other hand, is married to his second wife and has a daughter called Charlie Kaaya, whom she divorced from in 2007.

What Is The Character Of Angela Means Like On The Inside?

Despite her young age, Angela Means has already won over her admirers with her outstanding acting ability and grounded demeanor. Furthermore, she is of model height and weight, and she has kept her physical structure in immaculate condition throughout her life.

She has a naturally perfect and attractive healthy look, which is in keeping with her generous way of life. She has dark brown wavy hair and hazel eyes, and she wears glasses. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Angela Means is not a member of any other social networking sites.

What Angela’s Professional Life Looks Like

Angela Means started her acting and modeling career at an early age, and she has continued to this day. She starred as Veda in the critically acclaimed film House Party 3. Also noteworthy is that Means gained notoriety as a result of her appearance in the film Friday, in which she co-starred alongside Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

In a similar vein, she co-starred in Cousin Skeeter with Meagan Good, Robert Richard, and a host of other notable actors.

Angela Means is a well-known film and television actress who first came to public attention in 1995 when she starred as Felicia in the movie Friday. In 2010, the Bye Felicia meme, which became famous, served as inspiration for Felicia, her fictional character.

Her most well-known role is that of Vanessa Walker in the television series Cousin Skeeter, which she co-starred in. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Angela runs Jackfruit Cake, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles that is well-known across the globe.


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