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Angus Cloud Wiki, Bio, Parents, Career, And Net Worth


The most interesting facts about Angus Cloud

Angus is a person who enjoys working with the media.

He used to work at a chicken and waffle restaurant in Brooklyn called Chicken & Waffle.

Jennifer Venditti noticed his acting abilities and brought him to the attention of the public.

His Instagram profiles have a whopping 63.4K followers, which is incredible.

Cloud is the proud owner of a charming little dog that stays with him at home. In his leisure time, he likes spending time with his young friends.

He enjoys interacting with his followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

He is a Christian by faith and is of white Caucasian ancestry, according to his family, and is now based in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

Angus Cloud’s Life And Times

Angus Cloud is quickly establishing himself as a household figure in the entertainment business. He is a well-known American actor (and former model) who was born and raised in Oakland, California, in the United States of America.

With his most recent series, ‘Euphoria,’ he has become rather well-known (2019). In this television series, he has shown fascinating acting abilities.

He was born in Oakland, California, in the United States in 1994. His father and mother were both professors at well-known colleges. ‘I like watching films with my mum,’ Cloud shared his thoughts. He transferred to a regional high school.

From a young age, he dreamed of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He was able to get his start in the entertainment world at a very early age. Until today, no more information about Cloud’s parents has been made public.

Angus, like many other focused adults, had not made any arrangements for his wedding at the time of writing. He aspires to achieve success by demonstrating his acting abilities, which are already developing inside him. If you hear anything about his extramarital relationships, just dismiss it as hearsay.

The star has a long way to go before reaching many of the benchmarks of achievement that are expected in the future. He has absolutely nothing to do with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. He is an active social media user, with large numbers of followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, among other platforms.

Angus As Fezco In The State Of Euphoria

On June 16, 2019, the world-renowned television series ‘Euphoria’ premiered. It is still available on HBO and is in high demand all around the world. The executive producer of this critically acclaimed series was Sam Levinson. Alexa Damie and Jacob Elordi are two of the other incredible talents that have starred in this television series.

A thick beard covers Cloud’s face, which is a sight to see no matter what job he plays. Angus has a bicep size of 13, which makes him seem to be a muscular individual on show. His chest measurement is 35 inches, while his hip measurement is 42 inches.

As a result, he is one of the most attractive men on his premiere television program, Euphoria. Shoe size 9.5 is his regular shoe size (UK). Cloud is a brown-eyed creature with black hair and brown stubbles. One of the most endearing characteristics of the young actor is his beautiful eyes.

In his debut series, he portrayed the role of Fez, and he received a lot of positive feedback. People have compared his function to that of Mac Miller, which has led to some confusion.

Fez started conducting drug business to supplement his income while appearing on this famous television program, and he eventually walked out of school and had also been discovered to be exceedingly worried about the health of his companion, which was also exposed.

Keeping in mind the success of Season 1, the producer has gone out of his way to sign the actors for season two of the show. You may be aware that HBO has committed to the next season of Euphoria, which means that Fez is unlikely to be canceled.

Drugs With Euphoric Effects Are Referred To By Their Names

In Euphoria, Angus is seen negatively as a drug dealer. Among the medications mentioned in this television, the episode is gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, acid, and ketamine.

Angus Cloud Left A Scar On His Body

Angus isn’t bothered by the scar on the back of his skull. The actor doesn’t seem to be disturbed by it since it has become a part of his uniqueness. The admiration for him is widespread, not just in the United States, but also across the rest of the globe.

It is hardly an exaggeration to suggest that he has already established himself as a star in his first television series. There is no information available concerning his extracurricular activities at college or institutions at this time.

He enjoys taking time off to visit faraway places just because he finds them interesting. When he was asked about his favorite vacation spot, he responded with the word ‘Miami.’ He has now moved to Florida.

Angus Cloud’s favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and he would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the Hollywood great on a long-term project in the future.

People who are interested in learning more about Angus’ most admired actress, Sofia Boutella, should keep her name in mind. Thai cuisine is the dish that the superstar enjoys the most. Angus or Fezco has a similar appearance to Mac Miller, however, the latter is not featured in this television program.

Angus is attending acting training in order to prepare for his debut in Hollywood films in the near future. He is a rapid student in all subjects, and he is absorbing information at a rate that is absolutely incredible. He is expected to become a part of the film business within a few years, according to industry experts.

Once he is accepted into the Hollywood industry, his profits will skyrocket within a few decades. Because of his semi-rough temperament, he seems to be an excellent fit for action characters such as thugs and gangsters. As a result, it is quite possible that he will be given the chance to portray a character of this kind in future films.

Cloud has barely begun his professional career, and as a result, he is not anticipated to earn a large sum of money like many Hollywood superstars. His first film, ‘Euphoria,’ was quite successful and brought in a lot of money for him.

In terms of overall net worth, the actor is believed to be around $230K US Dollars. For the simple reason that Angus Cloud is now gaining fame at an alarming rate, directors are aggressively wanting to hire him for films and more television series than ever before.