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Annie Leibovitz Net Worth, Early Life, Career And Personal Life


Annie Leibovitz is an American photographer with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Leibovitz first gained fame as a portrait photographer while working as an intern for Rolling Stone magazine. The magazine hired her as a staff photographer after her father, Samuel, served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. She took her first pictures of the band in the Philippines, and after three years, she was made the chief photographer.

Early Life:

Born in Connecticut, Leibovitz has lived in numerous countries, including the Philippines, Israel, and the United States. She began her career as a student at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she enrolled as a photography student. While she initially planned to become a painter, she took night photography classes and soon became addicted to the medium. In 1975, she became the chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, where her focus was on rock and pop music were popular. She is still active, but she has a busy social life.

Despite her celebrity status, Annie Leibovitz has remained humble, citing her upbringing as a foundation for her artistic success. She was raised in an idyllic middle-class home with loving parents. Her mother, a modern dance teacher, instilled in her a love of art and culture. Her father, a US Air Force officer, was an art student who studied painting. In the 1970s, Leibovitz was hired as Rolling Stone’s Chief Photographer. She held this position for ten years.

As a photographer, Annie Leibovitz began to work with magazines like Vogue and Rolling Stone after her initial success. Annie photographs have become iconic, and she has been commissioned to shoot several other celebrities. Annie work has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and many other magazines. Her recent projects include shooting Keith Richards and Adele.


As a youngster, Leibovitz worked on advertising campaigns. In the 1980s, she worked with American Express, and a high profile photographer was hired to produce the photos. She became so popular that she received an award for her work. In 1987, her portraits won her a Clio. The following year, she released the documentary The Face of War.

In her early career, Leibovitz was a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. In 1981, she was hired by the magazine’s founder to take photographs of him and his wife. This image became an iconic image of the musician. In 1991, she also photographed a heavily pregnant Demi Moore, setting the trend for photographing pregnant celebrities. As a result, her net worth is $16 million.

Personal life:


In 1983, Leibovitz produced a 60-print show of her photographs, which was a bestseller. In the same year, she joined the staff of Vanity Fair and began photographing actors, political figures, and other celebrities. During this time, she was able to work on more than 200 projects and is considered the best portrait photographer in the world.

Annie Leibovitz Net Worth:

Her work has earned her money. She was famous for her portraits of famous people. In addition to portraits, Leibovitz‘s photographs have been featured in books, magazines, and on the internet. Her photojournalist style has won her numerous awards, and she is also known for her savvy marketing and business skills. Nevertheless, she has been a controversial figure and has a history of scandals.

During her early years, she was a frequent mover. She lived with her father in the Philippines and her mother in New York. In 1989, she married her longtime girlfriend, Susan Sontag, and they had three children. Their relationship was highly publicized, and she is regarded as one of the best portrait photographers in the world. Moreover, she has a net worth of $3 million, which has been updated frequently.

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