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Anthony Dines


After mistakenly capturing his face, a man who had hidden a camera in a Starbucks restroom was sentenced.

A picture of Dines, 31, with a camera hidden in his pants, was retrieved by detectives, and his coworkers contacted the police. A man has been convicted of voyeurism after being caught on tape placing a concealed camera in a London coffee shop’s toilets.

When Anthony Dines hid the gadget in a Starbucks ceiling grate in south London’s Vauxhall for up to four weeks, a male customer noticed it. His coworkers contacted police following a public appeal by detectives that included images of him slipping a camera into an open grate.

Dines confessed to putting a similar device in the restrooms of his employer’s New Malden, southwest London, offices after his detention.

A screwdriver and more tiny cameras were discovered at his residence, in addition to the previously mentioned items.

After being charged with voyeurism concerning the Starbucks camera, Dines admitted to two additional voyeurism-related offenses at his workplace.

Unpaid employment was imposed for 200 hours; he was also required to sign the sex offenders’ registry for five years; he was also forbidden from staying in the same residence as children under the age of 18 at that time.

Anthony Eats With His Enemies!

Several heretics in Rimini resolved to end Anthony’s meddling in their sinning lives.

People were focusing on their sins because of his preaching, and the only remedy was for him to be exiled.

Poison was the quickest and most convenient method of death.

So they invited the Saint to dinner, with the intention of poisoning him with his meal.. God, on the other hand, God exposed their plans to their intended target.

Anthony continued to dine with us. His adversaries had plotted against him before he had even sat down to eat.

Anthony was reminded of Christ’s promise to His disciples that “and if they drink of any deadly drink, it shall not harm them” by their laughter. He could eat toxic food, and they would return to their faith if he did not become sick.

Anthony ate the food with no ill effects after he blessed it.

In the end, the heretics admitted their sins and kept their end of the bargain.

Waupun — On September 12, 2013, 52-Year-Old Anthony Wayne Dines of Waupun passed away peacefully in his own home.

His parents were Eva and Simon Dines. Tony was born on November 29, 1960, in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. After moving to Wisconsin in 1965, he attended Brandon/Rosendale schools and graduated from Laconia High School in 1980. Tony enlisted in the US Navy after graduating from high school. Tony settled in Waupun after being honorably discharged from the military in 1986.

Eva Smith of Waupun is Tony’s mother; he leaves behind three brothers and two sisters: Randall Dines of McMinnville, TN, Richard Dines (Pam Krause) of Van Dyne, WI, and Robert Smith (Jesse) of Ripon, WI.

His Father, Simon Dines, Died Before Him.

The funeral home will open its doors to Tony’s friends and family on Tuesday from 9 a.m. until the time of the service.

A funeral home in Waupun, Wisconsin, Kohls Community Funeral Home

It was nine months before the 31-year-old devout Christian discovered the concealed camera he had been hiding in Starbucks’ disabled restroom.

While installing the hidden spy camera, Antony Dines was photographing himself.

In addition to a Starbucks restroom and his London legal practice, he placed surveillance cameras.

The pervert’s face was distributed in a Scotland Yard appeal to find him.

It was exactly a year after the Starbucks camera was discovered when Dines, 31, was arrested.

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