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Arctic Air Pure Chill: The best air conditioner you can find online in 2021


Room air temperature is one of the important factors in supporting the comfort of the people in the room. Most people rely on Air Conditioners (AC) and regular fans to cool the room temperature. However popular these two tools are, they each have their drawbacks. AC works using Freon, which is not good for long-term health. On the other hand, the fan only blows air without cooling it, causing some annoying skin irritations. Other air conditioners work on a different principle, namely evaporative. This article will review a well-known evaporative air conditioner, the Arctic Air Pure Chill. If you surf the Internet and search for info on popular air conditioners, you will find that the Arctic Air Pure Chill is one of the most popular and widely purchased.

It is a portable air conditioner with two main capabilities; humidify and cool the air. This tool is designed to be used in spaces that are not too large such as small meeting rooms or private workspaces. With Hydro-Chill Technology, this tool is able to cool the air in various conditions, hot and dry.

This tool is very suitable to use this summer. Sold online at, it’s garnering tremendous attention from many people who crave cheap portable air conditioners with great capabilities. One thing that is unique about this tool is that it works in a different way than most air conditioning systems that use an HVAC system or are connected to the outside world through windows. Arctic Air Pure Chill works on a combination of water and evaporation to hydrate the air and cool it. This device is an air cooler that humidifies the air, thereby cooling it.

Most air conditioners simply extract moisture from the air, producing dry air that causes your skin to dry out and crack. With Arctic Air Pure Chill, you will get both moist and cool air that won’t irritate your skin. No loss at all.

Here are the main features it has to offer:

– Humidifies the air and cools it.

– Hydro-Chill technology to humidify hot and dry air.

– The ability to moisturize and cool at the same time.

– The top charging system allows the appliance to operate for 10 hours.

– Very light so easy to carry anywhere.

– LED night light.

– Does not make noise.

– Multi-directional air vents.

Hydro-Chill technology is an exclusive technology that is the latest technology to maintain moisture and coolness for a long period of time. Much needed in summer.

How Arctic Air Pure Chill works

This tool works based on filling water into the tank. Once the tank is fully filled, the appliance disperses the water into the outside air, humidifying and cooling it. The ability to humidify and cool the outside air can last up to 10 hours.

The working system is a fan working system with two ventilations. Once the fan is running, it will suck hot and dry air from the surrounding environment. Hot and dry air will enter through the front vent and pass through the collected water. The water will evaporate and to evaporate, the heat is taken from the air. Evaporated water is basically cool and moist air. The cool and moist air will be expelled into the surrounding environment through the second vent. Very simple and practical.

As previously explained, this tool is designed to be used in a room that is not too large. Private rooms, small meeting rooms, small workspaces are some of the ideal spaces for the application of this tool. The silence it offers makes it suitable to operate in your room without disturbing your sleep.

What makes this Arctic Air Pure Chill unique

The ability to cool and humidify at the same time: The air produced is not gradual (humid and cool respectively), but moist and cool at the same time.

Has three fan speeds: You can set the fan speed you need. Choose one of the three available speeds. The hotter the air around you, the higher the fan speed you need. Most similar devices have only one fan speed, making them inflexible for different cooling requirements.

Multi-way air vents: With multi-way air vents, you can direct moist and cool air to any part of your room.

Efficient cooling: Hydro-Chill technology is able to draw air through the cooling filter in an evaporative manner. This technology is able to convert hot air into cold and humid air in seconds. This technology is what distinguishes the Arctic Air Pure Chill from other products that mostly use a compression system.

LED with 6 colors: The Arctic Air Pure Chill has an LED capable of displaying 6 colors to better suit your interior conditions.

Very practical operation: You just fill the tank with water, and press the button. The tool will work up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Lighter than most similar tools: We think that’s self-explanatory. It is so light that you can move it easily to rooms that require instant cooling.

How to operate this tool in a few steps:

  1. Pour water into the tank from above.
  2. Turn on the appliance then the fan will blow hot and dry air towards the water tank.
  3. When hot and dry air hits the water tank, it will absorb moisture from the water and create evaporation. Evaporation requires heat obtained from the surrounding air.
  4. The evaporation process draws water from the tank and adds it to the ambient air.
  5. The resulting damp and cold air will exit through the second vent, creating a humid and cool interior temperature.

Here are the areas where the use of the Arctic Air Pure Chill is recommended:

– Bedroom

– Small office at home

– Dormitory room

– Reading corner

– Garage

This tool is very practical and easy to carry anywhere. You can even take it with you when you stay at the hotel for extra cooling.

Here are some important points gained from the users:

– This device provides effective cooling.

– This tool is not as powerful as an air conditioner but provides greater coolness than a regular fan.

– Saving electricity.

– Easy to move from room to room.

– Manufactured by a highly reputable company, Ontel Products based in New Jersey, USA. So far Ontel Products has launched various well-known products such as MagicPad, Piggy Pop, Dust Daddy, Micro Mechanic, as well as other cooling devices such as Chill Chest, Arctic Air Ultra, Arctic Air, and Arctic Hat.

– Cheaper than similar tools for under $90 per unit. Even buyers can get special discounts if they buy more than one unit.

– Almost all of the reviews are positive.

– It is one of the best-selling air conditioners in the online market with more than 50K orders so far.

– Money-back guarantee on all purchases. Any buyer can request a full refund minus postage within 60 days.


The Arctic Air Pure Chill is a powerful evaporative air cooler. With it, you don’t have to pay a fantastic monthly electricity bill for a cool interior room temperature. Although this tool is not as powerful as an air conditioner, it is healthier because it only involves a fan, water in the tank, and electric power. No Freon at all. Ontel Products’ Arctic Air Pure Chill is the answer for everyone who wants a powerful portable device to provide moist and cool air for a long time. With a full refund policy in 60 days, you don’t have to worry about ordering this tool.