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Aubrey O’Day Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life


The American reality star Aubrey O’Day has a net worth of $10 million, according to Forbes. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. Before landing her big break on television, she was a member of the girl group Danity Kane. However, she later quit the group after having a falling-out with her mentor. Since then, she has played several supporting roles in television shows, movies, and stage productions.

Early life:

Aubrey O'Day Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life

Before becoming a celebrity, Aubrey O’Day acted in a number of reality TV shows. She appeared in Celebrity Apprentice 5 and All About Me. Although her net worth is impressive, her personal life is not without drama and scandal. She is currently single, but is not without controversy. She is a mother of two and has two children. She is currently single, but will soon be a millionaire!

The singer was born on February 11, 1984, in San Francisco, California. She was a student at the University of California and is a former model for the Los Angeles Angels. She is currently single and has two children. Her net worth is reportedly $2 million. Her net worth is a little over $1 million. She is currently single and has not been married. She is known for her popularity on the entertainment scene.


In addition to acting, Aubrey O’Day has worked in television and film. She performed as the lead character in the 2003 musical Hairspray and starred in the 2009 comedy American High School. Her current role involves reading scripts for feature films. Her personal life is equally fascinating. She is pursuing a solo music career, working with artists such as Shanell Woodgette and producer Maestro. In 2008, she recorded a remix hit for rapper Sharam.

Since she was a child, O’Day has shown a keen interest in acting. She has dual citizenship and is American and of mixed ethnicity. O’Day went to La Quinta High School and the University of California-Irvine. She studied political science at UCLA and graduated in 2004. After graduation, she starred in the reality show Making The Band. She even posed for Blender magazine.

Personal life:

Despite her young age, O’Day is still in her teens, but she has not ceased to make her mark in the entertainment industry. After a series of magazine appearances, O’Day has also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, which made her a star on the show. She has since been a member of the band, which she has been with since 2011. However, her love life has been a challenge.

Aubrey O'Day Net Worth, Early Life, Career, And Personal Life

Aubrey O’Day Net Worth:

In addition to her career on the show, O’Day is also a singer and television personality. She rose to fame when she was just five years old. She has a net worth of $4 million. After a decade in the entertainment industry, she is still a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. As of April 2018, her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Despite her success as a singer, her upcoming projects could result in a record deal or even a deal. In 2007, she was picked to become a member of the all-girl pop group Danity Kane. The show was a hit, and she has since released several albums. After a year in the entertainment business, O’Day’s career began to take off. She has also been on the Celebrity Apprentice 5.

Aside from being a singer and songwriter, Aubrey O’Day is also a fashion designer and singer. Her career has led to a net worth of $5 million, and she has been active in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She has appeared in a number of popular movies and television shows, and has made many appearances on stage and in TV.