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Bader Shammas Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents, Ethnicity, Girlfriend And More


Discover everything you need about Bader Shammas, including his Wiki, Biography, Career, Family, Sister, Father, Mother, Lifestyle, Girlfriend Photos, and more. As a popular figure among fans, we’ve compiled all the details about him. Bader Shammas is a successful American Finance professional currently working at Credit Suisse.

He’s also recognized as the partner and boyfriend of the famous American actress Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, Bader Shammas’ birthday and birthplace details are unavailable, but we’ve gathered all other relevant information about his personal life. Check it out below, including details on his Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Relationship Status, and Girlfriend’s Name.

Bader Shammas Age, Birthday Date, Lifestyle

Bader’s birthdate has not been released, but his home country is the United Arab Emirates. Also, he is the partner and boyfriend of well-known American actress Lindsay Lohan. The couple is currently engaged. Lindsay revealed her engagement to her boyfriend, Bader Shammas, via Instagram.

He’s about 32 (Not Sure)-Year-Old. He celebrates his birthday each year. He is known as Bader Shammas. However, he is most well-known by the name Bader Shammas. His father’s and mother’s Names and Girlfriend’s Names are given the following information. If you want more information, follow this article to know the complete information here.

Bader Shammas Biography (Age and Height, and Weight)

The birth was on August 13, 1968. Today, he was 32 (Not sure) years old in 2021. Bader is employed in an organization for management located in Dubai. Shammas also worked at BNP Paribas’s management firm as an associate. He started working as an analyst with BNP Paribas CIB for six months. He is a birthday celebrant every year.

His height is 5’7″, and his weight isn’t well-known. He is beautiful with eyes and hair. The measurements of his body are not famous. If you have more information, follow this article and get all the data In this article.

What is the spouse/girlfriend in Bader Shammas?

Bader Shammas is a professional American Finance professional working at Credit Suisse. Based on Social Media reports, his married situation is that of engaged. His fiancée’s name is Lindsay Lohan she is a well-known American actress. If you want more information about his life, read the article and learn more about his family’s details here.

Bader Shammas Bio Real Name, Lifestyle, Profession

Real NameBader Shammas
Nick NameBader
Full NameBader Shammas
ZodiacNot known
Marital StatusEngaged
Girlfriend/Wife NameLindsay Lohan
Physical Status
Age32 (Not Certain) Years Older
The height (Approx.)5’7″
The Weight (Approx.)Unknown
(Approx.) Measurement (Approx.)Unknown
Eye ColorUnknown
Hair ColourNot known
Personal Information
Date of BirthNot known
Birth PlaceUnited Arab Emirates
Current CityUnknown
ReligionNot known
EducationUniversity of South Florida, University of South Florida, University of Tampa
Family Background
Father NameUnknown
Mother NameNot known
Names of siblingsNot known
Sources of IncomeUnknown
Net WorthOne million (approx)

Bader Shammas (Age, Home Town, Career)

Bader Shammas was born August 13, 1968. He is mainly known as Khiyla; however, his identity was Bader Shammas. His birthplace is in the United Arab Emirates. He is approximately 32 (Not sure) years old as of 2021. He received his education through The University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. He has American citizenship.

Bader Shammas is a professional American Finance professional at Credit Suisse. Shammas is also known as the lover and fiance of the famous American actress Lindsay Lohan. The couple is currently engaged. Lindsay has announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Bader Shammas, on Instagram. Bader works for a management firm located in Dubai. Shammas also worked in the BNP Paribas ‘ management firm as an associate. Read about Trinidad Valentin Biography

His career began as an analyst with BNP Paribas CIB for six months. Bader works as Vice President of Assistant of Credit Suisse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He was awarded numerous achievements throughout his career. If you want more information concerning Bader Shammas Wiki, read the whole article and learn the complete details here.

Bader Shammas Parents, Ethnicity

Bader Shammas is a professional American Finance Manager at Credit Suisse. Candidates Like Him and have Family Information. Who is the people who visit Bader Shammas Wiki? All information can be found on this page.

His father’s name isn’t available, nor is his mother’s name. is not readily available. The information about his siblings is not accessible. His race is unknown. He is a secretive person. Therefore, continue reading this article to discover what Shammas’s Bader Shammas Biography, Wiki and Height, Weight, and Early Life are. Then continue to read the article.

What’s it? Bader official Shammas Instagram account?

Bader Shammas is a professional American Finance Manager working at Credit Suisse. This is Credit Suisse’s Official Instagram account of Credit Suisse. Provided to us below. His Instagram account has millions of followers, and a lot of posts have been added to his performance at the moment. If you are interested in checking Bader Shammas Instagram’s latest story, continue reading this article and follow the link below. Read Kirk Hammett Biography here

What exactly is Bader Shammas Twitter Account

He is an experienced American Finance Manager with Credit Suisse. The Twitter URL of his official account, including a direct link, has been provided below. This means that the People Find Bader Shammas’s Twitter Account that we have below. In the past, his Twitter account had many followers. If you want more about his social media information, continue reading our article and get all the details here.

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FAQ More Information About Bader Shammas

Q. Is Bader Shammas Age?

Ans. He is aged 32 (Not sure) years old.

Q. Where is the birthplace of Bader Shammas?

Ans. A. United Arab Emirates.

Q. What does the title mean for Bader Shammas’s father?

Ans. The name of his father isn’t publicly available.