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Best Way To Play Rummy Card Game & Win Every Match


The Indian gaming community is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Youngsters are well aware of the platforms where many online games are offering cash or prizes for those who have got some excellent skills. Rummy games these days are one of the games that are gaining a lot of popularity among youngsters. Because it is already famous in India, some of the players already know how the rummy game is being played. Rummy cash game is one of the attractive features of the online Rummy gaming platform. Players can compete with real players and win weekly tournaments to win a maximum number of cash prizes.

GetMega is one such platform which is safe and secure and it also provides cash prizes for skilled rummy players. You can withdraw your winning prize immediately and transfer it to your bank account.

However, if you want to win the maximum cash prize, you must play every game smartly to win every game. 

Here are some tips and tricks you must follow if you want to win every match of Rummy. 

Try to create a pure sequence first 

Always try to create a pure sequence first instead of an impure one. We all know that without a pure line you cannot declare yourself a winner. You have to have a pure sequence. Always focus on how to create a pure sequence( three or four consecutive cards of the same suit). 

Always have jokers 

Never underestimate the joker cards. If you have a coloured joker then you still have a chance of getting another joker from the open deck of cards. These jokers can further be used to complete a sequence. The more joker you will have chances of winning will also increase simultaneously. 

Sort your cards 

Online rummy game platforms have the option of sorting your cards automatically. It will arrange your cards depending upon the suits in just one click. After sorting your cards there would be fewer chances of you getting confused between the cards. 

Try to create sequences very fast

Games are always based on the presence of mind and skills. While playing Rummy you have to do calculations for all possible outcomes in your head very quickly. If you want to win early then try doing things a little early. Try making sequences as early as possible. It would not only help you in winning but will also boost your confidence. 

Don’t hold cards for too long

If you think that you should hold cards and wait for the right ones to create a sequence then you are just wasting your time and giving your opponent a chance to win against you. If you are stuck on the cards you may deter another possible sequence. 

Try to remember your discarded cards 

If you will remember what cards are you discarding or have discarded then this will help you in choosing what cards you do not need. While choosing cards from the open pile you will already have an idea of what cards you need and what cards you don’t. 

Try to bluff your opponent

Do not let others predict your moves. Always try to bluff your opponent so that they won’t have any idea of what is planned and what cards are needed for you to win the game. 

Keep an eye on your opponent 

Do not forget to keep an eye on your opponents and their tactics. This will help you understand their strategy and moves. 

Focus more on creating four card sequences

You must focus on creating sequences which carry four consecutive cards instead of three. 

Do not hold duplicate cards 

If you have cards which are not a part of any sequence then discard them and focus on keeping those cards which will create a sequence. 

Always hold middle-value cards 

If you hold cards with higher values without a sequence then discard them. This will also reduce your points count in case your opponent declares himself the winner before you. Holding middle-value cards like 5, 6 and 7 will create a chance of you getting the pure sequence in future. 

Discard cards which are close to joker 

Always discard cards which are close to the open joker. For example, if an open joker is 8 (of the diamond) then discard 7 ( of the diamond).  This will also tell you that even your opponent doesn’t need that card. 

If you are excited after learning all these tricks for winning rummy games, then what are you waiting for? Register yourself on the GetMega app and you will open doors for many cash prizes. Play with real players and showcase your tricks and master the game. If you think you are a pro then download the application and start playing rummy. Many cash prizes are waiting for you! 

Rohan Mathawan

This article is authored by Rohan Mathawan, who is presently working as the Vice President of Media Sales and Operations at Techstory Media. Rohan started his career as an online gaming and technology content writer and has written more than 5000+ articles for reputed brands and companies like Techstory Media, MarketingCrap, and a few other ad agencies in the last 4 years. Rohan loves to read about online gaming during his pastime. His passion to create content about online gaming forces him to dive deep into the research of the topic and what comes out is a highly relevant and captivating piece of content that is appreciated by his readers. 

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