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Beth Shuey Biography, Personal Life, Relationship, Net Worth


Beth Shuey was born in Morocco town in Indiana in the year 1968. The daughter is Joyce AntcliffShuey. She is now 52 years old. Her hair color is dark brown while her eyes have brown. Beth’s faith is Christian. As for her nationality, she’s American, in addition, her ethnicity believed as white. She attended North Newton Junior-Senior High School, Morocco, Indiana in 1986. Following her graduation, she began working towards an advanced degree. She has a sibling Debbie Shuey Doyle.


Beth Shuey has been famous for her ex-wifeship of an infamous American athlete and football athlete Sean Payton. Beth came across Sean in her senior years. She was a student in Indiana State University, while Sean was the head coach of the school. She got married with Sean Payton in the year 1992.

Following her marriage the couple gave birth to a daughter and gave her the name Meghan Payton in 1997. The daughter is currently engaged to the well-known American Chris Titone and is a reporter on the sidelines. Shuey also has a son who is named Connor Payton. Connor follows in the footsteps of his father and is an avid football player.

They initially relocated to Mandeville and the house that they built was not as good. Chinese wallboard that was very like the houses that were built following Hurricane Katrina. They then moved to the Dallas region. They purchased a house in an extremely upscale neighborhood in Westlake.

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Unfortunately, Shuey got divorced from Payton in 2012. The reason for the divorce was not made public, however, sources suggest that the couple divorced due to Sean Payton’s relationship in love with Skyline Montgomery. Additionally, sean later got married to 2007 Miss West Virginia USA winner Miss West Virginia USA Skyline Montgomery on the 9th of November, 2019.

Shuey is extremely active on all Social Media platforms be you choose Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other. She often shares photos of her family on different websites for social networking.

She has not shared any details regarding her childhood as well as her parents or anything related to her divorce, however she shares some of the precious moments she has with her kids. The couple currently share the custody of their children jointly. The couple has exceptionally talented children who are ambitious in their lives and are aware of the circumstances surrounding the divorce of their parents.


At present, Beth Shuey is said to be living a lavish lifestyle at Lantana, Texas. Although the net worth of Shuey isn’t known however it is reported that she receives alimony and other forms of support from his ex-husband to take care of her children. Additionally, she received $3.45 million in property that belonged to her husband’s ex-wife when they were divorced. In contrast Sean Payton’s net worth Sean Payton is 8.5 million and is the fourth-highest paid coach in the NFL.

Final conclusion: Beth Shueyis a wonderful woman and is on great relationship and with her former husband. She has a great relationship with her children and her entire family.