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Crucial Elements in Betting Website Design


The online betting market size has grown almost twice in the last five years, according to Statista. Building a website for a business in this category is a smart move. Besides, there are multiple services to help the company grow. Some supply online streaming, others deliver detailed betting operators reviews and lists, like here (bookmaker ratings com), while big aggregators provide websites with detailed match and athlete stats.

With all the tech tricks available, the design remains the “face” of the website. We’ll tell you what to focus on.


The essential part of the user experience is comfortable website navigation. The player should understand the purpose of every element and where it will lead to. Moreover, every guest must realize where on the website he is at the moment.

The site map is the simplest option to systemize the content for the players. The navigation or menu bar will help a designer visualize the idea and guide the user to the different sections of the website.

Start from the essential parts on the preparation clipboard: the sports that players can place bets on, what’s “live” at the moment, maybe a casino/virtual poker link. Arrange the buttons from the most to the least critical left to right (or top to bottom). Try not to add too much clutter to the navigation bar: make it small and straightforward.


In simple words, hierarchy is an order of ranking, from the most important things to those that aren’t popular but had to be done.

There are multiple design features to help you highlight the elements for the users:

  • Typography plays a significant role here: make the fonts bolder at the places you want players to be attracted to the most.
  • Play on the contrast: use the color scheme for the page that will be distinct from the designer’s font.
  • Make more critical parts bigger: this way, the element will draw users’ attention in the first place.

Sometimes hierarchy is a “make it or break it” thing for any website, and betting ones are among them. The stuff you valued as “most important” makes the player understand whether to spend the time and money or leave. Users might scroll down to check the lesser details only after choosing.

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Optimization for mobile devices

According to the Perficient study, based on Google Analytics’ Benchmarking feature, internet users utilized smartphones, and tablets to get on websites in 64% of cases in 2020 globally. 36% of visits were made from PC, and the gap only grows year by year.

The design of your website should look and work equally perfectly on all the devices. Ensure that all the pages are good on mobile: you don’t want to lose a big part of the market.

The migration to the mobile version has some nuances. Check if all the buttons from the desktop version are needed on smartphones. Maybe specialists should change the order or move strings/links to optimize the user experience.

Try to make it simple. Use fewer elements. Make them count and matter.


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