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Blueface Robbed 


Jonathan Porter’s house in Canyon Country was broken into earlier this month, with the suspects drawing a pistol on Porter’s stepfather, according to Blueface Porter. He is also an actor and rapper and is the brother of Jonathan Porter (also known by his stage name Blueface).

According to authorities, an event happened at approximately 11:30 p.m. October 11th, in the 18000 block of Cedar Springs Road throughout Canyon Country. He was arrested and transported to a local prison facility for his crimes. After being captured, the criminal was sent to a neighbouring correctional facility.

According to a report submitted by the investigating deputies on the scene, a group of four males broke into the residence through the rear sliding glass door at around 11 p.m. on the night in question, according to the report. The report states that the group entered through the back sliding glass door. According to the report, the gang entered the building via the front sliding glass door.

“Shattered glass across the property,” according to Santa Clarita Basin Sheriff’s Station Sgt. Brian Shreves, when he got on site. According to Shreves, when the mother and stepfather arrived at the house, they found shattered glass all over the place. Once they recognized the perpetrators, they made direct eye contact with them and fled the area as soon as they were identified. ” When the police came, they obtained a statement from the suspect and informed him of what had happened.

It was 2:35 a.m. when the stepfather heard sounds coming from below and peered down to find four guys entering the residence, according to Shreve’s testimony and the police report. Apparently, when he directed them to “get out,” they followed through with his instruction, according to the second floor.

As Shreves describes it, “when the stepfather attempted to grasp one of their limbs by the arm, he slipped and fell to the ground on the carpet.” “They sprang to their feet and bolted along the road.” According to the police investigation report, the suspect kicked him in the back of the head, causing a cut on the back of his skull to occur.

As stated, two of the four suspects stood over Porter’s stepfather and pointed semiautomatic rifles at him as he struggled to his feet. Porter’s stepfather survived the attack. Porter’s stepfather is likely to make it out alive and well. When Porter’s father tried to get up from his seat, another suspect yelled at him, urging him to “get back old person.” Porter’s father was able to get up and leave the scene.

Because of what had transpired, the suspects were forced to flee the area once this incident occurred.

Portia Porter was in San Diego at the meeting, and the encounter took place when Porter was in town. Authorities say that they have found no indication of anything being taken from the premises during the suspected break-in on the night in question.

The investigation into the incidence was still ongoing at the time of publication of the first installment of this tale series.

It was reported on June 15 that the owner of Blue’s Fish and Soul, which is located on Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus and was formerly known as the SCV Fishery Market, had purchased the business. The announcement was made in a YouTube video posted on the company’s official YouTube channel. He explained that he had acquired the company from the previous owner.

The North Hollywood station of the Los Angeles Police stated that it was conducting an investigation after TMZ posted the video of it online. Detectives at the station said they were looking into it. According to the footage, the rapper and his buddies were seen reportedly knocking up a club staffer inside the Skinny Lounge in North Hollywood, according to police. According to a video that has just surfaced on the internet, an employee has allegedly been assaulted by the rapper and his entourage.