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Brenda Santos’s Occupation: Who Is He?


Most Joey Essex fans thought he had found ‘The One’ when he publicly fell in love with Lorena Medina.

The reality star and the Playboy model met on Celebrity Ex on the Beach in 2019 and immediately struck up a friendship. They fell in love right away and became a serious pair on the show. Even when their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends showed up, Joey and Lorena remained together. They even dropped the ‘L Bomb’ while filming an episode of MTV’s Dating Game.

When Joey Essex was observed leaving Rita Ora’s apartment in the early hours of the morning, things took a turn for the worst. This incident led Lorena to break up with her boyfriend in April 2020.

Brenda Santos, Who Are You?

Her name is Brenda Santos, and she’s a model from Brazil who currently lives in London. Talent agency Linden Staub represents her.

Brenda, who is 5’8″ and possesses measurements of 28-23-35,” is a beautiful model.

De Brabandt Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable tourism, has enlisted Brenda as an ambassador.

Joey and Brenda Essex

The Actual Day That Joey Essex And Brenda Santos First Met

As of April 2020, Joey and Lorena were still linked, therefore they must have met in the last few months.

When the pair went on vacation together in July, it is evident that they had already met. It wasn’t until June that the UK’s lockdown began to lift, allowing groups of six to assemble outdoors. In June 2020, Brenda and Joey are expected to have met, however it isn’t clear how they did so.


On Instagram, You Can Follow Brenda Santos

On Sunday, August 2nd, Joey and his new girlfriend made their relationship public on Instagram. At his Chigwell estate, he threw a 30th birthday bash for himself and his closest friends.

There were images of Brenda with the former Essex star from Friday, August 1st, indicating that they were connected. Since July 2020, Joey has been commenting on her Instagram posts.

Brenda has already amassed a following of more than 33,000 and counting. You can follow Brenda on Instagram by using the handle @brendaayg.