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Butterfly Sayings And Quotations


The transforming effect of butterflies has inspired several statements. This article includes authors, scientists, philosophers, and butterfly aficionados. Enjoy! For further inspiration, have a look at the stories submitted by our visitors about butterflies.

It is only fitting that, like the butterfly, I too awaken at my own speed.

Butterflies are nature’s angels.

Seeing them serves as a continual reminder of how lucky we are to still be here today.

They can’t stop talking about my transformation,” said Robyn Nola in the words of a monarch butterfly. For me, it’s a one-off.

His words to this effect were, “If only they knew they could do it at any time and in any fashion,”


Butterflies are oblivious to their own tails.

While they may not be aware of their own beauty, everyone else is.

The human race is the same.

A Silk Butterfly as a Present

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How Do You Turn Into A Butterfly?

Caterpillars must be willing to give up their precarious existence in order to achieve the status of birds.

Take a step forward, let go of the past.’

Let go of your cocoon and embrace the new self.

Soar with your sails spread wide!

Take a leap of faith and soar with the current.

Enjoy the beauty of the blooms.

Wear your most eye-catching attire to set the tone.

Bring out the best in yourself by letting your natural beauty take center stage.

It’s possible to go through a lot of pain and emerge as something lovely, like a butterfly.


Trying to capture joy can only lead to disappointment, but shifting your attention to something else will allow it to settle on your shoulder and rest for a while.

  1. Richard Lesser says it best when he says this.

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Framing Of A Butterfly Quote On A Piece Of Art

When you’re the only one in the world, it’s difficult to emerge from the shadows.

This is uncannily similar to the region where butterflies grow their wings.

This is the singer-songwriter, Necole Stephens.

The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly comes as a complete surprise to the observer.

This is a quote from a famous scientist:

In my dream, I had wings and flew around the sky like a butterfly. Consequently, I’m left with the question: Am I a man who wants to be a butterfly or a butterfly who wishes to be a man?


The butterfly, whose sense of time is measured in milliseconds rather than months, has plenty of time on her hands.

Tagore, R.B.

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To bring you good fortune, happiness, and prosperity, may the wings of the butterflies swoop down and land on your shoulder.

All of today, tomorrow, and the days following are covered.

Blessings from Ireland

When butterflies flutter by, flowers move ahead of their own own.

A passage from a book by Heinlein

Butterflies are a joy to look at, inspiring and graceful, colorful and diversified, and little. It’s excellent for the soul to have a little bit of sunshine.

-Jeffrey Glassberg

There is a link between butterflies and flowers.

-Ponce Denis Ecouchard-Lebrun was his full name.

According to the butterfly, “everyone needs a little sunshine, some freedom, and a little blossom in their lives.”

According to Hans Christian Andersen’s famous quote,

However, you may choose to feel the way you do when you’re in love.

You and I have always been like butterflies that flutter for only one day.

Despite our admiration for the butterfly’s beauty, we often fail to appreciate the modifications it through in order to achieve that level of perfection.

in the words of Maya Angelou

I’ll have to put up with a few caterpillars if I want to get to know the butterflies.

Antoine de Saint-The Exupery’s Little Prince

In the same way that flowers and butterflies depend on one another to survive, we were intended to be together from the start since he was born with such a bloom.

The Declaration of Independence, G.M. Malley

As a child, I remember watching the caterpillars out my window with desire. They could just conceal and morph into these beautiful butterflies, which could fly away unharmed.

Using Patch Adams’ analogy, I was locked in a cocoon, waiting for the proper moment to emerge and fly away to discover my position in the world.

from Emme Rollins

…love is as delicate as a butterfly… To make it happy, you’ll do whatever is necessary, even if it means letting the thing go.

Scott Pemberton

As long as we kept our eyes open, we were able to perceive the message of nature. The phrase had been etched onto the wings of the butterflies.

-The work of Kjell B. Sandved

Caterpillars with wings don’t turn into butterflies; they become clumsy and dysfunctional instead. Butterflies are created via the process of transformation.

Steph Marshall is a novelist and poet.

New experiences excite me, and I look forward to the lessons they may teach me. I’m a part of the discovering process. I am the butterfly that flies in my wings. No, I’m not as enamoured with butterflies as other people. My mouth waters just thinking about the butterfly’s sweet nectar.

-William Stafford’s

Butterflies seem to have escaped from their stalks and emerged into the real world.

If we were butterflies, the three days I’d spend with you would be more enjoyable than all the years of my life put together.

When she saw it, it brought her memories of butterflies. When she was a little girl of around six or seven years old, she vividly recalls crying when she learnt that the insects in her garden had a short lifespan.

Since their short lives did not suggest that their lives were harrowing, she was comforted and reassuringly told by her mother. As she watched them soar in the air among the flowers in their garden, her mother told her they had a great life. That was a topic of interest to Alice, and she liked to ponder it.


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